LeoVegas launches their Spanish business

Updated: 25/05/2022

The popular casino platform LeoVegas recently launched their Spanish operation. Following a drastic surge in adoption on their mobile app, this marks a new era of casino gambling for mobile users in Spain.

The casino brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years. Operating primarily as an online platform, but still offering users the chance to bet on the LeoVegas products in brick-based locations. With this latest strategic move, the firm is clearly stating their intentions to transition into a business that makes most of its customer interactions in the online space. With many firms in the casino industry making similar moves, this is no surprise for those that are monitoring the progress of casino licenses. LeoVegas are moving with haste, and just 2 weeks since the license was approved they have already entered the Spanish market in an attempt to disrupt and make an immediate mark.

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LeoVegas enters the Spanish market for the first time. © Pexels.

When it comes to casino gaming in Spain the local population have been able to bet online for the past several decades. But more often than not, the system has been particularly broken. Some things get broken and stay broken, but in terms of the demand for mobile casino functionality in Spain, this forced a large-scale change in the approach from the local agencies controlling the allocation of licenses.

The turnaround is undeniably quick, from acceptance of their proposals to the gambling commission to be able to go live with the product, LeoVegas is undergoing a rapid era of scaling. Due to this rapid launch, LeoVegas launches a lite version of the casino and sportsbook in Spain. The so-called ‘soft launch’ marks the 7th local territory that LeoVegas has expanded into. With each new territory comes a new business opportunity for the firm to assert their dominance over global online casino and sportsbook betting.

With LeoVegas position as “King of Casino” we are now launching in Spain, with the ambition to take the mobile position. Today, only 13% of all games in Spain are online, compared to 50% in Sweden. We think this is very interesting and in line with our growth ambitions. This is because the Spanish online market has strong growth going forward, as gambling goes more and more online.Hans Uhrus, Communications Director LeoVegas

There are many reasons why you should be excited about this as a Spanish gambler. The tides are changing and there is an intense demand for punters to have access to the latest technologies available to mobile phone bettors. But when the chips fall, will the situation in Spain really benefiting from the latest inclusion of LeoVegas, it is very reassuring to see the Spanish market finally opening up to the technological capabilities of new mobile betting sites.

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