bet365 moves majority of its operations to Gibraltar

Updated: 24/05/2022

bet365 has announced that it is to move the majority of its operations to its Malta office as part of a “rationalisation” of its staff following Brexit.

Bay in Malta

bet365 is to move the majority of its operations and staff to Malta. © Pixabay.

The relocation to Malta by the betting giant has long been underway as it looks to mitigate the threats to business posed by Brexit. Staff have been informed that a consultation process is underway. The plans to open an office in Malta were initially announced in May 2018.

Many jobs are thought to be at risk, especially in the areas of trading, VIP, customer support, and CRM. It is reported that management have already been offered a transfer to Malta.

The firm’s move to Malta has been ongoing and a spokesperson for bet365 said that it has become:

Increasingly challenging to efficiently run such multisite operations. Therefore, to assist with business planning and in order to maintain operational effectiveness, we intend to enhance our Maltese operational hub and relocate certain functionality there. We are now consulting with staff in relation to such relocation. It is intended to maintain a presence in Gibraltar and the final rationalisation will be determined after we have completed our staff consultation. Spokesperson, bet365

The group has said that it will not comment further on the situation throughout the business review. There are around 500 staff in the Gibraltar office.

A number of operators based in Gibraltar have voiced concerns over the effects of Brexit on business. Gibraltar is a UK jurisdiction and it is still unclear what restrictions to business will come with Brexit. The government of Gibraltar replied to the news with their own statement:

It is clear that the decisions announced by bet365 are directly related to Brexit and not to any matter otherwise related to Gibraltar. Gibraltar remains the best jurisdiction in the world from which to do well regulated, reputable online gaming business – and is the only jurisdiction guaranteed access to the United Kingdom market in online gaming going forward. Statement, Government of Gibraltar

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