Yizzy insane freestyle for Arsenal | BBC Sport

Updated: 22/05/2022

BBC Sport caught up with Yizzy who shows us how it's done 🔥

UK grime artist and Arsenal fan Yizzy reps his club and goes in on Tottenham, Manchester City and Manchester United in the third of our 90-second freestyle videos.

This is from our new series 90 Second Freestyle.


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Yizzy insane freestyle for Arsenal | BBC Sport


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29 thoughts on “Yizzy insane freestyle for Arsenal | BBC Sport”

  1. BBC Sport says:

    Who do you want to see rep their club? Let us know in the comments ⬇️
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  2. Tim S says:

    Hahaha he is t rapping about arsenal. He’s rapping about all the players too good for arsenal and left.
    He talks about Bale and Kane being ‘Arsenal’ kids but neither of them were.
    Arsenal fans must hate this, it makes them sound soooooo desperate.

  3. Now they just seem forced only big zuu banged

  4. Whys he keep talking about city wtf

  5. Ghost says:

    This Somalian is whack

  6. ewww. more like a city fan

  7. El Boyd says:

    Tottenham just got to the UCL Final. Where's Arsenal? Exactly

  8. Rudi F-H says:

    He said that all the spurs players were arsenal kids and then named the 2 he had already mentioned

  9. Rudi F-H says:

    My guy said mendy is a dead full back when he watches litchsteiner and kosasinac every weak

  10. Btec Daily Duppy with the editing

  11. Like this if big zuu’s was the best

  12. All he said was arsenal kid the whole time his bars were dead

  13. He never mentioned 1 current Arsenal player lmao and he talked more about Spurs and City more then Arsenal

  14. Ryan 77 says:

    What does he have against City? Lol

  15. Yizzy steals bars like this comment if you agree

  16. SmoHawk69 says:

    Typical Gooner, talking about our players lol

  17. Hakim M says:

    I thought this was an Arsenal freestyle?

  18. simonq7 says:

    Decent… but probably mentioned the names of more Non-Arsenal players over actual Arsenal players. Should have bigged up his team more. BBC Sport we need Don Strapzy on here to show how the Football bars are done properly!

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