Yaya Toure reveals his desire to return to the Premier League | MNF

Updated: 22/03/2023

SUBSCRIBE ▻ http://bit.ly/SSFootballSub Ahead of Monday Night Football, Yaya Toure joined Jamie Carragher in the studio to discuss why he left Olympiakos …


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33 thoughts on “Yaya Toure reveals his desire to return to the Premier League | MNF”

  1. Why you leaved olympiacos…

  2. zac sparo says:

    One of the best midfielders in history .

  3. I consult him to reunion Nasri and Pellegrin

  4. you telling me you wouldn't want him on the bench as a super sub? dude, do you even FIFA? 😛

  5. Zabaleta yaya nasri West Ham Reborn

  6. Aaron says:

    Wonder if he will play for a pound a week like his rat agent promised. Bet not!

  7. Toure was the best midfielder the game has ever seen

  8. Daniel Son says:

    He'll be back in a West Ham shirt I reckon

  9. The year is 2040. Yaya has just turned 50 and is still looking for a move back to play for the Premier League.

  10. When most of these modern CMs score 20 goals a season, then we the could talk Yaya …… easily top 5 of all time.

  11. We all know Kolo Toure was better brother.

  12. Yaya Toure to West Ham, you can just see it can’t you?

  13. Gail Platt says:

    Odds on him going to Everton or West Ham? Those two clubs tend to buy the washed up players.

  14. Is he not going to Celtic

  15. Darkhalls says:

    Dissapointing voice for such a big guy.

    Expected a darker, manlier voice

  16. Surprised Chelsea didn't go for him. His experience would be vital. He can help Jorginho & Kante. He still is a goalscoring midfielder. Anyway West Ham move more likely.

  17. James X says:

    Did him and Ronaldinho not get along ? He’s not mentioned him once and he was better then all of them at the time

  18. LochVids says:

    West ham pelligrini reunion

  19. Start your coaching badges Yaya, if you wasn’t good enough to play in Greece, then now you’re not good enough to play in the PL. You were a great midfielder, don’t tarnish your legacy

  20. I want his return to England as a pundit.

  21. BJK 13 says:

    Yaya yaya yaya yaya tour

  22. Baba says:

    Mate, that train has left the station and it's not coming back lol

  23. Can I be the first to preempitively wish Yaya Toure a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY in 2019 and welcome him to join us at St. James' Park to celebrate this very special occassion when it occurs (and signing for us whilst you're there would be great because our team is crap)

  24. adlof cali says:

    wow! this is world. i just rememberd he used to say i will man city cause no one celebrated me with my happy birthday and sheikh mansour used to tell him plz don't go.and after pep arived man city his was not even on the bench.

  25. berba silk says:

    lool this guy is finished and never really was that good in the Prem, his numbers were grossly inflated due to the era + style of football City played – it's why he declined so poorly

    your league level would be lucky to be for the Bundesliga

  26. LOL, he is more trouble than he is worth.

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