World Cup 2019 Kits Rated: Which kit is the best? | BBC Sport

Updated: 24/05/2022

We took 5 Women's World Cup kits and rated them. Is your favourite the best?

BBC Sport asked singer-songwriter and footballer Chelcee Grimes to team up with fellow singer-songwriter Zuzu to rate some 2019 Women's World Cup kits.

Do you agree with their ratings?




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World Cup Kits Rated: Which kit is the best? | BBC Sport


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15 thoughts on “World Cup 2019 Kits Rated: Which kit is the best? | BBC Sport”

  1. Boris B says:

    Do the women's international teams now have sperate home and away kits from the men's? They certainly deserve to.

  2. Mc Lovin says:

    they should be wearing blouses & skirt instead.

  3. I swear France just went into a random hospital and just took a few of their gowns and just slapped a france logo on

  4. It's not coming home haha come in Scotland

  5. Wow Chelcee has been everywhere nowadays, keep up the good work

  6. J. R. says:

    Full of bias, whats this shit ?

  7. That England away kit is a thing of beauty and should already be in a museum.

  8. pickle ell says:

    I love watching women play football, said no one, ever

  9. How can Australia have "Never Say Die" when they got trashed by some kids

  10. That Germany kit HAS to be a 10/10. I mean come on

  11. Kai X says:

    Stay in the kitchen bitches

  12. whichever is pengest, has the best kit

    brunette is cute af

  13. Fatimah FC says:

    I’ve got to say, you can’t go wrong with the new England away kit.

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