Winners and losers of the Premier League summer 2018 transfer window | ESPN FC

Updated: 20/03/2023

ESPN FC's Craig Burley and Alexis Nunes discuss the winners and losers of the Premier League transfer window for the summer of 2018, with Jurgen Klopp …


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39 thoughts on “Winners and losers of the Premier League summer 2018 transfer window | ESPN FC”

  1. Junior says:

    milner will have to rest at least for 2 weeks do to injury from last game

  2. Liverpool suck.. They will finish 9th pal.

  3. Shaqiri will NOT be a squad player. He's been bought to play.

  4. BABA says:

    Dont know about biggest loosers/ winners. But that is biggest booty at Espn Fc studio

  5. Burley hates Liverpool doesn't he, just like all ex Chelsea plastic rent boys do. And why not, LFC are the club Chelsea wish they were but never will be.

  6. Who fucking formulated the pl transfer window

  7. Until Untd. have Mou. as a manager no world clas player will wanna join and why would they – he rips his players for HIS mistakes,the club plays awful football etc. You have a very promising and good Shaw and you keep messing with his confidance by publicly criticizing him; Martial give you effort and consistance – you dont play him enough; Pogba doesn't play his best football when he is tasked with having too much defensive duties and what does Mou. do – give him lots of them; Lind. makes one mistake – you bench him but when Smalling or Jones do more than one – nothing as a responce. A good manager with those players challenges City (most likely looses but still challenges).

  8. Loser Tottenham they scutally done nothing and Man United and Chelsea both didn't buy smart and I think they both suffer thus season

  9. How is Craig an analyst and can't remember players Liverpool have signed? Do your job, mate. Do your research.

  10. all the anylist hate this host. she stay taking shots at them on air. like really? these men are ex pro players and while i get they arnt the best players of their generations she gotta stay in her lane. of course she is allowed to voice her professional opinion but dang lets show some respect to your co workers

  11. The United he knows buy players for big money and fuck their careers up or the players themselves end up having no effect on the team and end up departing the club. Biggest example de Maria

  12. Johnny 89 says:

    How united didn't do transfer for mourinho..i think the board push to sack mourinho..but i think liverpool challange PL title

  13. M P says:

    With José at United and his moaning. Its not just his normal 3rd season fallout. He can't develop players so has to buy finished project. Also how much did he spend on players last two seasons saying their the key to winning the league. United board just telling José to deliver with the players you said were good enough. Also Ferguson ain't around to tell José to kop himself on.

  14. Fulham, Wolves, Liverpool…Chelsea did well in the end with Kovacic they have s juicy midfield now

  15. Alexis nunes is one sexy ebony I swear I watch these videos and whenever she is there I just get distracted

  16. Craig cant even remember who Liverpool Bought,,,jeez give me someone else's opinion please

  17. A T says:

    liverpool or man city will win the league

  18. U can say Manchester Added Fred. But yeah Hotspurs need new players to scare others in their role and not feel content by last season

  19. How can utd be loser in the transfer window when Tottenham literally signed no one lol espn is a joke

  20. Brando says:

    That Fulham owner Khan is very serious about winning. His son is in charge of the club and sounds legit. Khan has an interview coming up on NBC sports. He's legit. Fulham is going to grow slowly. Look for them to eventually play at Wembly. Khan owns Wembly. Could be a really cool story over the next 5 to 10 years.

  21. SSML _ says:

    WINNERS: Liverpool, Everton, West Ham, Fulham, Wolverhampton

    VERY GOOD: Arsenal, Chelsea, Leicester, Burnley

    POOR: Manchester United, Newcastle, Watford, Manchester City, Crystal Palace

    LOSERS: Southampton, Tottenham, Cardiff, Brighton, Huddersfield, Bournemouth

  22. Rose Games says:

    Either Mourinho knows what he is doing or he is officially finished from top level managing.

  23. M KG says:

    The guy when he talks about liverpool knows absolutely nothing. but hey, he's on TV.

  24. MikeC0ww says:

    mourinho fucking ruined our team fuck him

  25. Koala Bear says:

    The biggest losers are probably Chelsea I would think

  26. no9scrum says:

    Mourinho said, I want a centre back!

    Woodward said, why would I spend £70mill on Maguire when you picked out Bailey and Lindelof last year and I bought them for you?
    Attacking players? How about Periera, Rashford, Sanchez, Lukaku, Martial, Mata? What more do you need!?

  27. no9scrum says:

    Mourinho said, I want a centre back!

    Woodward said, why would I spend £70mill on Maguire when you picked out Bailey and Lindelof last year and then didn’t play them?

  28. Emptyyx says:

    I don’t know why people forgot Arsenal, I think they are the with Liverpool the best two clubs this summer.

  29. Fulham, Wolves or even Everton and Chelsea.

  30. United losers I don't think so we just added Fred n dallot.

  31. He can’t even name the players!? Why is he here again?

  32. WTF A good pundit on ESPN???

  33. Manchester United has the players to win UCL but the coaching tactics are poor. Squad selections are poor. That's the downfall

  34. Manutd big loser? Spurs? Chelsea sold one of the best keepers on the world, Willian unsettled hazard unsettled. They’re the BIGGEST losers

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