Will Liverpool or Manchester City win the Premier League title? | Premier League Tonight

Updated: 17/08/2022

Wayne Rooney, Michael Owen and Danny Gabbidon join Jake Humphrey on Premier League Tonight to debate who will win the Premier League title.


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34 thoughts on “Will Liverpool or Manchester City win the Premier League title? | Premier League Tonight”

  1. jessica j says:

    3 , 4 month ago everyone said Liverpool will win .. all media

  2. Look at Liverpool’s last five games

  3. Stupid question . I am a Chelsea supporter and Man City are unstoppable . They can field 2 men in any position . ALL OF THEM WOTLD CLASS Liverpool blew it .They have ZERO attacking midfielders . Shaquiri wasting his time there . He is too good to be the 15 min sub.Salah has had his best season last year.

  4. I'm an arsenal fan but I really admire Liverpool and hope they win the league and maybe help us get to top 4 by beating the teams above us haha

  5. I'm a united fan … I hate city, I despise Liverpool but I wud still rather see the scousers win then the fake oil money clubs

  6. Heydarl Fr says:

    Man city will win the EPL that will shock lfc fans

  7. Liverpool will win the Fa cup by winning chelsea 2-1

  8. “There’s only been two teams that haven’t won the league after being top at Christmas, and they’re both Liverpool”- Rooney

    That’s one team Wayne

  9. I think Rooney is probably right, Liverpool are the form team but it's gonna be very close and Tottenham now jumping to second. Could be one of the best last weeks ever of the premier with 3 clubs chomping at it.

  10. Lol who did the subtitles

  11. ItzFlow says:

    im a city fan and today felt like the day the title is gone we have been very unlucky and i don't see that luck changing we are useles in deference without Fernandihno

  12. city wheels have come off

  13. Jay L1471 says:

    We have already won, no one is capable of beating us with remaining fixtures left. We are the best team in the world…. everyone knows this. Double title this year and for the next 5 years. Watch this space!!! PREMIERSHIP TITLE IS ALREADY WON 7 POINTS AHEAD. No-one is catching us or beating us. ONLY 7 goals conceded, the best team in the world believe it now everyone.

  14. chuff saab says:

    Liverpool attack strengthens the defence
    The defence actually hasn't been tested which is mad

  15. chuff saab says:

    But the Africa cup of nations is in january

  16. Then Barcelona just steals all their defense…

  17. Liverpool finally gonna win the league since forever…

  18. Virgil Van Dijk should be the Liverpool skipper, not Henderson

  19. Van Dijk is an overrated player

  20. My team Liverpool is unstoppable I'm sure we will take the epl tittle this season

  21. Breh Breh says:

    So he’s comparing sterling that barely used to score 10+ goals in a season by that time with Mane who’s used to banging 15-20+ goals in a season , and yet he’s calling sterling the best ! Damn ! This current front three or front four even is way better than the 2013/14’th one !

  22. dahee wang says:

    It seems like Liverpool players run for the shirt but Manchester city hmm….. they seemed like in different league by themselves. Even if Manchester city wins, nobody will care except their fans

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