Who should be PFA Premier League Player of the Year? | BBC Sport

Updated: 25/05/2022

Sergio Aguero, Eden Hazard, Sadio Mane, Bernardo Silva, Raheem Sterling or Virgil van Dijk… which one will win?

Gabby Logan is joined by a panel of Gary Linekar, Alan Shearer, Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and Melissa Reddy who discuss their pick for PFA Player of the Year.

We also find out their thoughts on the PFA Team of the Year and Young Player of the Year.

Which player is your winner? Let us know in the comments ⬇️

[00:00] – Team of the Year
[12:29] – Young Player of the Year
[17:17] – Player of the Year

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Who should be PFA Premier League Player of the Year? | BBC Sport


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39 thoughts on “Who should be PFA Premier League Player of the Year? | BBC Sport”

  1. I hate this gender equality bullshit!!! They have to throw in 2 women who know fuck all about football and have'nt even played in the premier league as of course its a mans game and that they have to make it fair!?….NO!….thats wrong, make it fair by replacing those bimbos with someone like wright, neville or sherringham etc. Someone who knows what there talking about

  2. Bardida 22 says:

    It is weird how everybody is saying that Salah is having a bad season and that Sterling is having an amazing season because Salah actually has more direct goal contributions this season (goals, assists). Just saying.

  3. Aspee Lee says:

    Virgil 'THE WALL' van Dijk.

  4. It's hard choice, vvd or Raheem Stirling, Bernardo silver is amazing too, so is son but sterling has been better than both

  5. Andrew Go says:

    why are girls talking about sports

  6. the bias is strong with this one.

  7. Paddy Mc says:

    Her voice is intolerable. Seriously. It's like she's crying and whining.

  8. Arthur says:

    Vertonghen over Laporte imo.

  9. That Mellisa is so obviously biased to Liverpool

  10. JaakkoVee says:

    ederson over alisson :O wow

  11. Tussy 33 says:

    On what earth should ederson be in front of alisson

  12. Sterling or Bernardo….But they won't it'll be Liverpool golden boot..Liverpool PFA….City for the title again..so happy daze:)….

  13. If they scream sterling for the racist campaign he started I will cry because it’s about he football not online influence

  14. Hazard is the best player to watch in the prem. Don’t @ me

  15. Goalkeeper should be Fabianski

  16. Jack Crick says:

    Has to be sterling for player of the year this season

  17. Yeah but Razza can’t make a successful pass

  18. hamzah 13 says:

    Thank god hazard had got some recognition.
    Most goal contributions, most key passes, most assists, most dribbles complete, most man of the matches awards.
    Also scored a reasonable amount of goals. It's a robbery let alone a shock that he isn't in the PFA team of the year.

  19. Philly B says:

    chalkboard girl knows nothing

  20. Byatt says:

    1:57 why has Alexander Arnold got a blue Man City icon???

  21. xeno x says:

    he put fuckin declan rice in instead of bernardo OMG

  22. how does salah only get in one team

  23. xeno x says:

    she actually doesnt know what she is talking about fabien schar over laporte

  24. This bitch know fuck all about football. Get her off

  25. Jimmy has no football iq, Melissa is alot smarter

  26. dean nur says:

    mels voice is ugly, and she aint pretty ,guess too mny fkn despots

  27. Depending on who wins the league its sterling or van dijk

  28. Sterling – mane for midtfielders/wings kandidats. And Aguero -Salah for striker kandidats. As a City fan I would say sterling. But All 4 have had a great season.

  29. Mo Salah should've been on here. How is Aguero on it but not Salah who has more goals and assists?

  30. Som Dutta says:

    Mo Salah has as many goals as Aguero, and apparently he doesn't deserve to be even in the short list. Such hypocrisy !!

  31. Mo Salah has as many goals as Aguero, and apparently he doesn't deserve to be even in the short list. Such hypocrisy !!

  32. de gea quality again today

  33. No one said a word about Aguero?

  34. son and hazard are at the wrong teams to be considered for team of the year. put them at liverpool or man city and they'd be team of the year every year, criminally underrated.

  35. Eden hazard and rahmeen sterling and Sergio agueri

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