Which Premier League team has the best kit this season? | MOTDx | BBC Sport

Updated: 05/12/2022

Who has the best kit?

For new football show MOTDx, Chelcee Grimes and stylist Jay Hines run the rule over the Premier League kits for the 2019-20 season.

Which kit will be crowned the league's best and which deserve to go down?


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Which Premier League team has the best kit this season? | MOTDx | BBC Sport


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18 thoughts on “Which Premier League team has the best kit this season? | MOTDx | BBC Sport”

  1. Owen Parry says:

    I hate the liverpool white kit the red one is good and the black one is sick so why did they rate the shittest one

  2. where's west ham away ….. ?

  3. DevilGames says:

    Arsenal, specially the home.

    United fan btw.

  4. Your so up yourself. How about ranking football shirts for football fans, that was the idea. I

  5. Don't like that man city away kit clearly never been up north, probs think hacienda means holiday trip

  6. lol you didn't turn the arsenal home shirt around, it's yellow numbering it looks very cool and it's different to the usual colouring – very clever and it looks awesome

  7. dan mayhew says:

    What You're missing lot of the kits ffs. Norwich, Shef utd, Aston vila, Burnley, watford and west ham…..

  8. Big Daddy says:

    Who is this idiot he thinks he’s so swag proper bender

  9. Beerus says:

    Arsenal kits are too wavey

  10. That liverpool top is average AF

  11. wonder if he supports arsenal didnt seem too bias

  12. Shiv says:

    Glad every team is represented

  13. Stop showing the womens team. No one cares about them. They are garbage.

  14. Crack Lord says:

    Not a fan of Leicester Away, Arsenal Away is a gem and its not on here but actually really like the Chelsea 3rd Kit. (Liverpool Fan)

  15. I thought arsenals would have a hole in the back like their team

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