What's gone wrong for Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United? | Premier League

Updated: 04/06/2023

ESPN FC's Stewart Robson and Ross Dyer delve into Alexis Sanchez's underwhelming performances since joining Manchester United. Stewart feels he can still …


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43 thoughts on “What's gone wrong for Alexis Sanchez at Manchester United? | Premier League”

  1. Di Maria says:

    He's terrible at man united lmao but he dont care at the critics snce hes making bank on the bench

  2. canalf007 says:

    All manchester united players are cow shit, but they like to blame Sanchez for everything. They are cowards. Now that he's leaving they feel worried about who's gonna be the one to blame to when they are losing. I'm glad that he is leaving that ungratefull team

  3. It was injury and the 7 shrit

  4. He doesn’t suit united style of play

  5. This bald dude has unresolved beef with medical staff lol

  6. Young B says:

    how about no.9 position(attack midfielder)

  7. SmithsnMoz says:


  8. I have watched Sanchez at United. Man's trying his level best. But at United there are lobbies. So, the Pogba-Rashford-Lingard-Martial lobby all know each other off the field and search for each other. Sanchez runs, tries hard, fights but no one from midfield passes him the ball. They do when they do not have an option. At Arsenal, he was the go to guy. Everything went through him. He is basically treated as an extra at United. I hope with us forming a new midfield of Bruno-Savic, we get Sanchez up top. Lukaku is leaving. Sanchez can easily replace him as a striker. He is great technically as well. I would say he is better than Rashford as a striker.

  9. TimboTbagz says:

    Doubt he'll ever come good again, he doesn't have strengths that age well. Think fast, snappy boxers when they get old, they have nothing to offer at all

  10. Gagan Dep says:

    Stewart Robson giving the most obvious and stupidest verdict possible. Lol. Don't build long term because you aren't going to be there as a manager cracked me up.

  11. confidence drops. teammate not helping. full of arrogant superstars

  12. He had a full 18 months non-stop before he arrived. It messed him up.

  13. y1521t21b5 says:

    Stewart Robson sounds like he often has a need to shout…

  14. Murphy moe says:

    I have never experienced a comedy like this in soccer Fifa should get into this and fine him BIG this is a treat on sport


  16. stelun56 says:

    Baldy are u serious? You reap what you sow asshole.

  17. There's more gone wrong than this with Sanchez at Manchester United.
    It's been bad business all over. Mkhitaryan only had one year on his Dortmund contract and utd paid them £26m which was just about his full buyout clause… how did they fail to negotiate that down?
    I thought Mkhitaryan was good when the team played attacking football Mourinho didn't want that.

  18. bob field says:

    These so called experts simply off the ball. One main reason Sanchez didn't work at Barca was his inability to play to a system. He only knows how to play one way, and that's the Sanchez way which worked perfectly at an average team like arsenal but would never work in a big team with structure and bigger stars. A bit like what coutinho is going through right now. Playing well 66.66% of your game and losing the ball, misplaced passes, not making the right passes at the right time, unnecessary or unproductive dribbling; non of these will stand up in a big club. The injury story is a red herring in my opinion. As an arsenal fan I could still see the flaws in his game and knew it wouldn't work under morinho. I can't understand how these paid analysts can't see it, perplexing

  19. Lol he's washed up. He's not explosive anymore. Its a wrap.

  20. I adat says:

    Alexis Sanchez was never world class.

  21. David C says:

    As an arsenal fan I know there is a great player in Sanchez. I just know it. Man U is a cursed club.

  22. Joe Goh says:

    Jose: Hey Ed .. I need a Center back.
    Ed: You got it!
    Ed: Great news Jose .. here is your CB … Alexis Sanchez!

  23. umair Kazi says:

    This guy looks like Sanchez's agent

  24. We'll find out what really went wrong once he is out from united. For now united doesn't seems to be 'united' just got impressions that morinho never wanted him, players got jelausy for his high paid and refusing to give him a good pass…bad environment, never seen him happy as he enjoyed in other clubs, not friendships builded inside united. His worst mistake…he should leave in the first season!!!

  25. Kennan 00 says:

    He bled arsenal and went to a team that ruin players

  26. Adriano says:

    A fully fit Sanchez would suit liverpool actually lol

  27. just yet another mercenary like all at that club £505,000 per week…sure he there for the love of the club.As for man utd only wanted him due to man city wanted him

  28. or is it possible that sanchez has lost his legs & no better than a donkey…

  29. Big Tuna says:

    This is worse than BT. Would rather listen to Chris Sutton than this bloke

  30. Justin Son says:

    The Bald guy is delusional. Alexis wasn't happy at arsenal..

  31. I watched Alexis in his last games. All he needs is to be surrounded by someone who will feed him with right balls. He is still an amazing player and only time will tell. He just needs proper med.

  32. Gunner_kek says:

    The guy turns 31 in december and he's been in decline for 2 years. If you really think Alexis will come back and return to his prime form at Man United you're deluded as hell.

  33. dilink23 says:

    The problem is Sanchez is making too much dam money that’s why , I mean your job is to stay in shape and play how hard is that .

  34. Sanchez don't fit in at man utd the first thing he did when comming to utd were to promote his clothing range he only wants to make at mutch cash as he can out of his position at utd could not be arsed to concentrate on his football this to me is not a player who wants to play for man utd get rid

  35. Sell pogba buy bale and dybala then play Sanchez dybala and bale up front with a counter attack set up and you got yourself top 4 easy also buy a new defense lol United have no one except shaw atm

  36. Make him a starting player and keep him healthy the goals will come if not then fuck em

  37. Take him back at Arsenal. They need a wide player.

  38. He should have gone to city or did city doge the bullet?

  39. He should stay and prove that he's the good player he is

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