What should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer do to solve Manchester United's problems? | BBC Sport

Updated: 23/05/2022

Full clear out and rebuild or build a team around 1 player?

After 6 defeats in 8 games, Manchester United are on for a historic run of losses.

On BBC Sport's Football Focus, Dan Walker is joined by Jermaine Jenas and Matthew Upson to discuss where the club and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should go from here.

What should they do to solve their problems? Let us know in the comments.

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What should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer do to solve Manchester United's problems? | BBC Sport


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19 thoughts on “What should Ole Gunnar Solskjaer do to solve Manchester United's problems? | BBC Sport”

  1. Sign Varane, Wan-Bissaka, Rice, Ruben Neves, Sancho
    Sell Jones, Smalling, Rojo, Young, Lingard, Fred, Matic, Sanchez, Lukaku
    Extend Mata & Herrera’s contract if there’s still a chance

  2. weight1000 says:

    Remove your so called pundits…their opinions change after every 90 mins…
    Theses guys donot deserve any air time as pundits.

  3. Adam Tutla says:

    Starting 11

    De gea(gk)
    Dalot (rb)
    Matic (cm)

  4. Manu should build a team but not around one player.
    They should sell Alexis, Lukaku, Martial, Pogba, Mata, Jones, Baily, Valancia.

    And they should buy Erikson, Jedon Sancho, koulibaly, Jao Cancelo, Milinkovic Savic, Wilfrad Zaha or Nicholas pepe, Rice.

    The Formation like 4-3-3
    Shaw Lindelof Koulibaly Cancelo
    Erikson Matic Milinkovic savic
    Sancho Rashford Zaha

  5. The fucking whole squad is the problem

  6. A new back line. New midfeld and strikers coach. Half everyone's wages and get he whip out. Sounds about right.

  7. RED KEV says:

    Turn up at the training ground with a machine gun and just let rip!

  8. Jermaine talks out of his arse all the time! Shit cunt himself!

  9. NiScontex says:

    sell smalling would be a good start

  10. Oh, so he's not a genius. Sucks you got rid of a real genius because you put overpaid stars before him. LMAO.

  11. Terab Ali says:

    Raiola is in pogbas ear. Get real madrid to pay £150m! Re invest that money into the squad. Rid of young, sanchez, darmian, jones, lukaku.

    Buy koulibaly, milinkovic savic, a striker! Right back! Shambles!

  12. Huntter says:

    I like jermain Johnes but he talks utter shite

  13. Dan Smith says:

    Lower their expectations

  14. Okay, fasten your seatbelts because this will be quite a story! What needed to be done, should have happen the time sir Alex retired. That did not happen, and that is why Manchester United is running behind at the moment.
    The club should have had a Director of Football allready, the club hasn't but it is not to late. Sign a Director of Football.
    Shake up the recruitment and scouting. Meaning sack those who don't fit. Scout more specific on players aged between 17 and 23. Those who make an impact will be available for the first team, those who haven't made an impression yet but showed potential, will play for the second team.
    Assess the players playing at the club, and then I mean all players, non excluded. This should be done by the Director of Football and the manager(s). Let go or sell players which do not fit the philosophy. Names or no name, get rid of yhem when they do not fit, or are to old ( 30+ aged).
    Last but not least, do not make the mistake, like now a days, to rely on names or money. Both are handy to have, but the priority should be first to assemble a team, to add quality, or names to it later on. Give a certain transferfee to the manager each year to get these players, let's say 100 million each year, to name an example. This is a preset transferfee, which can be increased only when players are sold.
    I'll bet you, when the club start working like this, you will have regular succes, and long term based within around about 3 to 5 years.

  15. He should ask Alex Ferguson for some Advice

  16. simonq7 says:

    Raid the Ajax team in the next transfer window!

  17. Riaz says:

    jones, smalling, young, valencia, darmian, rojo, mata, sanchez and herrera should be leaving, they are the players who arent good enough to help utd and havent been or not worth keeping in the club

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