What is wrong with Manchester City? | Premier League

Adrian Healey, Steve Nicol and Craig Burley react to Manchester City vs. Leicester City, with Man City getting a Bernardo Silva goal, and Marc Albrighton and …


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24 thoughts on “What is wrong with Manchester City? | Premier League”

  1. Murphy moe says:

    All the teams pass through this period usually

  2. Wrong with city ? Whats wrong with the other 16 teams in the league ?!

  3. Pep need to play with Stones and Laporte or Laporte and

    Vincent Kompany in the central. Danilo and Mendy as wings.
    I think Fabian Delph, Kyle Walker and Otamendi are The Weakest Link

  4. I’m a united fan and I am tired of this every team has this slump, they are still winning the league

  5. Delph was bought as a Defensive midfielder to cover Fernandinho's absence. Yet he's playing at left back still when City's midfield is struggling without a proper holding player.
    Why isn't Pep using him in midfield? He clearly hasn't got anyone else to play there.

  6. Man C peaked too early and now having to do the struggling wins under much more pressure.. Liverpool struggled early on and now peaking.

  7. We need fernandinio people don't get past the midfield when he's on the pitch… the first time we won the title we was 8 points behind United with 4 games to go… it's not over yet

  8. Jay says:


  9. City needs to stop settling with beating United. That's why they'll never win the champions league they get content to easy.

  10. City will not play without d.silva because he open the passes open the players

  11. City has officially launched 500m bid for Liverpool's 7 point lead.

  12. they have Fernandinho who is the pivot for the whole time. if they had bought jorghino ,things would have been different right now

  13. If city got a striker other than aguero who has a good touch and finish then those 15+ chances per games turnover will be mad

  14. The players want Mourinho now instead of Pep.

  15. They’re missing David Silva! That’s what’s wrong wit em.

  16. Still don’t understand why City are favorites for the champions league

  17. Mohd Nazri says:

    Can't the espn panel get a more recent ex-players as pundits? Sick and tired of hearing old farts talking as if they're still relevant

  18. K. srvHs says:

    The two man defense against their wingers shut them down. That was their strong point. Crystal Palace exposed them.

  19. Bruh X says:

    notice how fernandinho was missing in both defeats
    just shows how crucial he is

  20. the signing record couldn't add any value to the team

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