What if Arsenal's ‘Invincible’ Premier League season never was? | Crossroads Ep. 3 | NBC Sports

Ever wonder what things would be like if Arsene Wenger's 2003-2004 Arsenal club didn't become ‘The Invincibles'? #NBCSports #PremierLeague #Arsenal …


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19 Responses to “What if Arsenal's ‘Invincible’ Premier League season never was? | Crossroads Ep. 3 | NBC Sports”

  1. Invincibitity is a new word to describe My team Arsenal.I am not afraid.Get it on now Arsenal would destroy Liverpool anytime anywhere .I just beat two teams who’s next,? Lol.

  2. I think if the Invincibles never happens, Wenger's image would've been extremely knocked back, along with Arsenal to some degree. For a while that season put us on the map as a top notch club even without a CL.

    Let's take into consideration that the Premier League back when it was Wenger v Fergie, wasn't the Prem of today with a LOT of top heavy competition for top 4. Back then, Liverpool were quite meandering, Spurs were well below our level, City wasn't a top club, Chelsea barely was starting it's rise. So if we didn't finish the season unbeaten, I wonder how much luster Wenger would've had left at the end of his reign and if we would've moved on sooner when it became totally apparent he was done as a top end manager. But frankly we wouldn't of dropped out of top 4 for a while nevertheless.

    I think it also could've hurt us in the banter era attracting top youth, a lot could've happened. Most of it I believe would've hurt us in the long term. The historic achievement in my mind, kept Wenger stringing along and it kept our club going during an era were money was not available.

  3. This team player for player could still win the league. In every position we had absolutely brilliant players. That starting eleven was filthy.

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