West Ham 2-0 Birmingham City | Carroll Heads Hammers into Fourth Round | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Updated: 23/05/2022

Andy Carroll Scored a last minute header to cement West Ham's place in the next round of the FA Cup Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/thefacup To find out …


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22 thoughts on “West Ham 2-0 Birmingham City | Carroll Heads Hammers into Fourth Round | Emirates FA Cup 18/19”

  1. I went to see westham v birmingham back in 91/92 season, in the southbank, the late great les sealey was in goal for Birmingham, during the warm up he come over and sat next to a young lad, and spoke with him for about 5 minutes what a nice guy. During the match the fans sang "Sealey takes it up the arse!" To witch he pulled a mooney, and got a round if appaulse lol, and of course later he played for the hammers to. We won 2-0 in case your woundering lol.

  2. Carrol is shit plain and simple

  3. Caroll stil play wor..haha..I tot he already play on Championsship league

  4. dale 8754 says:

    Hes one of the worst keepers going in fact the worst camp!

  5. This stadium is more full than the carabao cup semi

  6. Birmingham fans were good

  7. So the commentator doesnt know his left from his right and doesnt know a goal kick from a offside 3 mins in and im expecting more blunders

  8. Not the first time they’ve been beaten by claret and blue;)

  9. Zzzz says:

    Caroll still plays football?

  10. Caroll can be used as defender

  11. I hate on Andy Carroll alot but I'm glad he scored against Birmingham ⚒⚒

  12. XVVvKk says:

    Didn't know Carrol still played hahah

  13. When Carrol explode in the second half of the season, then all the critics are going to remember everything he has done for this club.have a little loyalty and he is going to respond you'll see.I'm a new west ham fan.I actually follow Pellegrini, but I think that Carrol is not been treated fairly by the fans.he scored and that's all it matters.

  14. The West Ham way⚒❤️⚒

  15. Carrol head better than his feet

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