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  1. S04 v City 1:3
    City v S04 3:0
    Atleti v Juve 1:1
    Juve v Atleti 2:0
    ManUnited v PSG 1:2
    PSG v United 2:1
    Tottenham v Dortmund 2:2
    Dortmund v Tottenham 1:1
    Lyon v Barca 1:2
    Barca v Lyon 3:1
    Ajax v RealM 1:1
    Real v Ajax 2:2
    And for the rest i dont care much….

  2. Now I know…that the person who made this just a Liverpool fan…he/she don't like Real Madrid…he/she is crazy because the team who met Liverpool was not a calang2 team. Bayern had more good reputation than PSG who had beat Liverpool.

  3. My predictions
    (Round of 16)
    Tottenham 1-2 Dortmund
    Man.Utd 1-2 PSG
    Liverpool 1-3 Bayern München
    Ajax 1-4 Real Madrid
    Lyon 1-2 Barcelona
    Roma 3-0 Porto
    Schalke 04 0-4 Man.City
    Atletico Madrid 4-1 Juventus
    2nd leg
    Dortmund 1-0 Tottenham (3-1 Dortmund advance)
    PSG 1-1 Man.Utd (3-2 PSG advance)
    Bayern München 1-0 Liverpool (4-1 Bayern München advance)
    Real Madrid 0-2 Ajax (4-3 Real Madrid advance)
    Barcelona 5-1 Lyon (7-2 Barcelona advance)
    Porto 1-0 Roma (3-1 Roma advance)
    Man.City 2-1 Schalke 04 (6-1 Man.City advance)
    Juventus 1-0 Atletico Madrid (2-4 Atletico Madrid advance)
    Quarter Finals
    1st leg
    Dortmund 1-1 PSG
    Bayern München 2-1 Real Madrid
    Barcelona 1-2 Roma
    Man.City 1-1 Atletico Madrid
    2nd leg
    PSG 4-3 Dortmund
    Real Madrid 1-1 Bayern München
    Roma 0-4 Barcelona
    Atletico Madrid 1-0 Man.City
    Semi Finals
    PSG 2-0 Bayern München
    Barcelona 1-2 Atletico Madrid
    2nd leg
    Bayern München 1-1 PSG
    Atletico Madrid 1-2 Barcelona pens.(0-3)
    PSG 1-2 Barcelona

  4. Sebagai fans bayern gw gk setuju agregate nya 4 2 gw yakin bayern yg sekaran bukan bayern yg dulu,bayern munchen pasti bisa kalahkan liverpool dengan score 2 0

  5. I agree with you on everything except liverpool vs bayern. Liverpool will win it but not with a 2 goal differential. Liverpool:4, Bayern:4 , liverpool win on away goals

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