Tranmere 0-7 Tottenham | Llorente gets a Hat-Trick as Spurs Strike 7! | Emirates FA Cup 18/19

Updated: 24/02/2024

Llorente bags a hat-trick as Spurs eased past Tranmere. Subscribe: To find out more about the The FA Cup visit: …


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34 thoughts on “Tranmere 0-7 Tottenham | Llorente gets a Hat-Trick as Spurs Strike 7! | Emirates FA Cup 18/19”

  1. Far Seer says:

    Son 1 Individual goal, 2 assist… 65 minutes out

  2. Son is world class striker. Soon there will be offer for him

  3. Sunny Kay says:

    Why are the Premier League players playing against the second tier division teams. Im a noob to football.

  4. Who is the overweight guy in the Tranmere defence.? Does he make the half time pies.?

  5. I wanna try out for these guys oh my God these guys are terrible. WHOS FUCKING DAD IS DEFENDING??? DUDE LOOKS LIKE HE GONNA LOSE A LUNG

  6. What a terrible gk but oh my God Son is this good!???

  7. Hez Games says:

    harry kane is not spurs star dembele he is the roster there

  8. unknown 02 says:

    1:57 isnt that goal a knuckleball??

  9. Heard Son is leaving again for the Korean games or something? Like why he went already though?

  10. So like, No.5 is a defensive disgrace lmao no wonder they lost 7-0. Look at this pass from Son starting at 0:50, look at No. 5, and look how fast he is defeated. 0% effort. Insane

  11. If city can do it so can Tottenham.

  12. lmaooooo kane really celebrated with the tranmere fans

  13. Dino Dino says:

    Lol calm down Llorente save some for the premiership

  14. RogerTHFC says:

    In the past games Spurs would sit back because the players thought they were too good. This is Pochettino teaching the team how to be ruthless

  15. A high school team could beat tranmere

  16. Luminal 47 says:

    Still spurs will bottle it when it matters the most Lol

  17. Llorente scored a hat trick in Fifa in my game against tranmerr

  18. Serge aurier is better than trippier in my opinion

  19. Why is everyone here saying Son is underrated??? As far as Spurs fans are concerned, Son is not underated, he is one of out biggest stars, We Love him our SONALDO

  20. Kyle says:

    Son is special, always rated him respect to Spurs and Son (Liverpool Fan)

  21. Elias Tthj says:

    Kane is the best player

  22. 2019 FA Cup runners up Spurs

  23. Fire Fist says:

    Guess this is how Pele got his goals.

  24. Lmao is it or some of those players over weight?

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