Tottenham’s top-4 spot, Champions League tie in doubt with Harry Kane injury | Premier League

Updated: 17/03/2023

Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley and Gab Marcotti of ESPN FC react to the news that Harry Kane is out until March with ankle ligament damage …


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35 thoughts on “Tottenham’s top-4 spot, Champions League tie in doubt with Harry Kane injury | Premier League”

  1. flasheaux says:

    Assclown Central with this panel of fcukwits. No Kane and Spurs win. Again. As they have often done in the past. Do they even know about more than the three or four Spurs players they love to insert into wild transfer rumours? This ESPN shit is little more than entry-level trolling.

  2. Kane I am so sorry for you, you are still my favorite player and I still love England and spurs


  4. as a gooner i am happy wish he was out for longer hopefully this rag of a club can drop some serious PTS COYGS

  5. Poch should be flipping the Finger to Levy for not spending last summer

  6. Harry Lame keep getting injured all the time I don’t want him at Real Madrid

  7. Everyone writing Spurs off I love it because they will prove everyone wrong like they have all season. Everyone has been sitting with egg on there faces so far, with Spurs playing at Wembley again, Spurs not signing any players, now this is there new excuse to write Spurs off again, let's see what happens and then talk.

  8. J B says:

    Shame for him, he seemed so determined to win the league top scorer award this season. Aguero and Salah are more focused on trying to win trophies for their club rather than individual awards. Get him fit then sell him. Look at Liverpool now since they sold Coutinho.

  9. staygreezy says:

    Watch them buy a striker this week lol

  10. pupper says:

    We'll take that third place spot from you, thank you #united

  11. You all always say only English premier league team is good
    And making jokes about Borussia Dortmund ok find

  12. Fuck Craig Burley, anyway. Fuckin bellend

  13. Dortmund will ruin this squad.

  14. with help of FA referees, Tottenham got this

  15. This kind of injuries which makes Kane the best strikers in the world , there's a big difrence btwn a goal scorere who geos to contact and try to create situations of goals anad btwn the runners lately wanna be diver who only takes balls in the spaces which explains he never been injured .

  16. Deklizer says:

    Out like a light bulb.

  17. Herb says:

    Spurs has survived without Kane before so what’s new ?

  18. With Kane out, the refs may actually flag Tottenham for an offside or two.

  19. He scored against us from offside position then he will miss the return match in the Samford bridge,time to revenge

  20. No quality striker will come just to warm the bench.. maybe poch should buy a quality striker and just play both of them when Kane is back….

  21. why this always happens to Tottenham

  22. LJ W says:

    Alli as false nine with Lucas and lamela

  23. Even with kane, they will lose 2 bvb. Dortmund r in beast form

  24. Get well soon. M8,sprained JUST my leg, 2mths ago.. Still STIFF.FOOTBALL isn't worth becoming A CRIPPLE4. So best t CONVELESE. C U Soon.

  25. And these are the SAME 2 idiots, being CRITICAL/
    BEMOANING of ARSENAL but sending out The
    RESCUE PACKAGE f SPUrDS.) uno, suddenly its
    "oh poor SPUrDS how can they b helped".. BIASED or what.

  26. Actually.. SPUrDS always do better when KANE doesn't PLAY.( check STATS)). These idiots need r just GUESS 2MATING…Hav FAITH in otha players.

  27. Michael B says:

    Craig Burley doesn't know his arse from his elbow

  28. K4 Josiah says:

    They thought spurs would easily go pass Dortmund?? Seriously

  29. Buy/Loan someone in January?

  30. I personally think Harry's done well being only out for 2months
    U usually die from kicks by donkeys

  31. Dortmund will be HUGE favourites now for CL tie!

  32. The lack of signings have come to bite spurs in di ass

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