The NFL Show’s Osi Umenyiora meets Arsenal’s Alex Scott – BBC Sport

Updated: 27/06/2022

The NFL Show's Osi Umenyiora heads to Arsenal's Emirates Stadium to meet the Gunners' England defender Alex Scott.

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11 thoughts on “The NFL Show’s Osi Umenyiora meets Arsenal’s Alex Scott – BBC Sport”

  1. Women soccer players need to enjoy this period of the sport when normal looking women can excel at the highest levels. As the sport matures the physical requirements of the sport will require women to be either amazons or super speedsters.

  2. as a londoner shes farking go guss

  3. Peter Day says:

    I shall miss her cute, smiling face and happy personality on the videos, perhaps she'll make more for England though?

  4. 3:21 "so you didn't get this from Tottenham did ya?" HAHAHAHAHA

  5. It would good if he did a rugby clip with Maro itoje. Both London born Naija men. Both of them top athletics & great guys

  6. omg they look great 2gether :p
    I love how female football and NFL is getting more popular here yay(:

  7. As a yank, she's freaking gorgeous!

  8. Mr Fix says:

    Great video. They both seem very nice people

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