The building blocks of Manchester United are crumbling – Craig Burley | Premier League

Updated: 22/06/2024

Craig Burley and Steve Nicol of ESPN FC don't hold back on Manchester United as they reflect on the club's sixth-place finish in the 2018-19 Premier League.


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45 thoughts on “The building blocks of Manchester United are crumbling – Craig Burley | Premier League”

  1. mac says:

    you dickheads its taken 30 fukcing years for l/pool and city to get the right man and if they are so good then y cant one win the prem and one cant win the c/l and some of you think m/city is the best prem team ever .when one of them wins the prem+ the c/l in the same season they still be in 3rd place cos the gunners team that went a full season unbeaten where better than city/l.pool are now the stats are there .you twats

  2. Mourinho is honestly one of the best managers in the world. You think Guardiola could take this sissy bitch squad to second? Didn’t think so. This was Mourinho’s greatest achievement, yet he’s won the TREBLE with inter. This says something

  3. Craig is absolutely right Ole is way out of his depth and the board are so dumb, forget these dumb fan channels like the united stand who`s run by a Nottingham forest fan. Either way the board shouldn`t have given ole the job full stop.

  4. red flag says:

    we got top draw coaches an done nothing special . give ole a chance its not even his team. same pundits slated jose n van gaal.

  5. Love the way they over dramatise each word note the way each word that's negative about man utd they make the word longer in time or words with more than 3 syllables they say with more tone it's just about customer retention they want to sound over dramatic because more viewers means more money for them

  6. Ole was a mistake. As a fan he should not been given a job. He has not achieved anything as a coach. United need an experienced coach period

  7. Craig burley is a complete helmet. Pep and klopps first 6 months in charge of city and liverpool were shocking. City got hammered 4 0 by everton and liverpool were all over the place. He sounds massively jealous that o.g.s has been given this amazing job while he is sat in a studio not realy been taken seriously

  8. You lot yelling about experience what did van gal and jose do nothing the culture at the club is ruined sir alex brought trash teams on paper to titles because they bought into the culture oles here to bring that back and identify players who fit who man u are. All you 14 yr old fans know nothing of the greatness of united and how much oles loved and has done for the club

  9. Hey Craig,

    Talking about past is plain easy, predict future precisely.
    Ole changed the way game were played, they were slow, not-interested and defensive.
    The results have gone against after his appointment, but they have had more possession, chances creation.
    Now he needs players with right mentality, fans would prefer him to build a team like Dortmond, Ajax and they will wait.

  10. John Bones says:

    Who are these old women?

  11. I Fix says:

    Mr Ole, just get Adama Traore of Wolverhampton. He has an massive dribbling skill!!!

  12. Hammer332 says:

    Making OGS permanent manager was always a ridiculous decision. The obvious choice to rebuild the club was and is Pochettino. Another option is Conte. Instead, Woodward puts OGS at the wheel of the Titanic.

  13. In all honesty none of these analysts have a right to talk. They don't know what is going on on a personal level, they only get the information that is publicized and given to them. I put full trust in Ole and it is not his fault and he will rebuild this team. Why do people think experience of being a manager is required to turn around a team. You think Zidane had a lot of experience when he first started managing lol. It's rubbish

  14. Mr Butty says:

    When you sit on ur backside and chat it really sounds powerful. He chatting about who man city and liverpool went out and get and totally forgot who was there before … ESPN CHATTER BOX THEM IS JUST A BUNCH OF NOISE MAKER

  15. every one got swept away with some good results and the players got lazy again ole should have kicked ass but just stuck up for them sorry ole you have to go

  16. Jezz Bish says:

    Jose Mourinho was not a success. He was a bad move from the start for Utd. He treated his players poorly and they rebelled against him. He wanted mega money to sign a centre back? I wouldn't have trusted him either by then, he'd already lost the dressing room, was playing negative football and had signed flops.Utd need to rip it all up and start again with the squad and team. It's terrible, it's vastly overpaid, it's very average, it doesn't have the right mentalities, it has no obvious captains, no leaders. It is a terrible Man Utd squad.Go back to the basics, get the coaching staff in a room together, get a white board, write out a tactic and then start putting names in positions. Don't come out until you have a whiteboard of 22 players names, with back ups in case you can't sign them and go out there and get them in the club.And sell off the failures and the overpaid underperformers.Sadly at this minute, the amount of players to get rid of goes well into double figures!

  17. 10FC ULL says:

    Rafa Benitez all day long.

  18. macca676 says:

    Craig Burley- talking about experience what the fuck would you know about managing a club.
    Steve Mclaren- the only thing that you did was be Utd 's asst. manager.

  19. You comentators clows, blaming managers. You guys are fucking amateur. Players are to blame for end off. How many managers got sacked in last few years?? Old Trafford has become new grave yard of managers

  20. Yeah but we have had 2 top draw coaches, and what happened? Its not the manager, its the players and the board room staff that need to be changed asap.

  21. IvanWizard says:

    2 useless scots on an american "soccer" show. there'd be better opinions around the daily mail water fountain

  22. Man U is not good enough for Solskjaer that is real conclusion.

  23. S B says:

    it doesnt take a genius to know that Ole wouldnt have got the job if he was not an ex United player….but what he is, is a huge fan and knows the DNA of the club. He got the smile back at United and has the right demeanor to be the manager of this great club. You guys are idiots if you think United should always go for a coach wit reputation…United gave chances to world class coaches like Mourinho and Van Gaal and what happened….they just dont know how United need to play. Given time, Ole will get that back. Tell me again how many seasons did Sir Alex take to get himself going at United?

  24. It’s the team selections and tactics. The whole coaching staff need to go especially that boring over rated fuck wit Carrick

  25. These clowns are the non league of pundits. Come on ESPN you can do better than these surely. That counts for the presenter who's balls haven't dropped yet and sound like a kids toy.

  26. Scottish positivity. rather, West-Scotland positivity. give it a go Craig!!

  27. Ash Wilson says:

    Who was pep when Barcelona appointed him??? Former Liverpool and Chelsea players who are bitter coz they can't get big jobs

  28. Burley is full of horse manure. Giving it the big talk now! Anyone can do that. Ole hasn't even had a transfer window!! What a helmet!

  29. Craig Burnley talking stresses me out

  30. Ohhhh so all of the sudden it isn't the managers fault? haha They should've gave Mourinho the players he wanted.

  31. Those two Tossers are assuming that Ole and his staff will have the same players on the team next season. Wrong and outright stupid. The door is open and the deadwood is about to pitched to the sidewalk. It's obvious to anyone with a brain that it was the players that made up the team who are responsible for Uniteds fall not the Manger with the exception of Moyes. Van Gaal and Mourinho were great Managers with proven records and they were unable to get the players to live up to what is expected at United. Put the blame where it rightfully lies, on the shoulders of that useless Ed Woodward, a business man and not a football man. Thinking that Ole, along with Phelan and Carrick and the blessing and support from SAF will fail is pure and utter twaddle.

  32. Babu says:

    In the end, Keane was right!!! The players did throw Solskjaer out…

  33. United need to add Roy Keane to the staff. That would change the locker room quick.

  34. Man Utd need to get rid of EVERY Player & ALL the caching staff & start afresh. It works. Look at the transformation it did to the Wolves

  35. Been a united fan for 30 years and I can say that after the sale of Herrera, I’m done. Not just because of that, it’s primarily due to the pathetic, inconsistent team selections week after week, including leaving Herrera on the bench for the likes of Matic, Fred and mctominay. Lol. And that never gets mentioned by any of these damn lanestream media pundits. The coaching staff at united are a complete JOKE (I’m sure it’s carrick picking his mates ie the English players) just like the mainstream media. But you’re all too busy bashing Pogba to realise it lmao

  36. Athul Nair says:

    If not Ole as manager whos gonna take the job????? Beyond being a united fan , I wud luv to take it logically!!!! United tried Mourinho,van hal,moyes and now who's the remaining ones that united gonna appoint. This is the biggest question infront of the United board!!! I understand that Ole is amateur in terms of managerial career and to manage a team like united,it won't be easy for him….but I believe in him nd I still know that united are not gonna close the gap between city nd Liverpool but atleast the new team next year will try to reach gap …v tried appointing best coaches in the world may be now it's time to trust Ole nd support him to reconstruct the team

  37. Aaron Kane says:

    I really hope Craig “Spudface” Burley isn’t on this show next season, he’s like the local hobo that used to play Sunday league for Barnsley Pie Atheltic 20 years ago. Complete tool.

  38. This lot sound like they want to see instant success… it's the same type of people who criticized Sir Alex in his early days.. the decision is made now, so let's see what happen next season and the we can have this conversation..

  39. It is not the managers problem. The players downed tools and stopped caring once ole was full time manager and was being giving players stick because their performances were terrible

  40. Utd recruitment board needs to go to class for more……..knolwdge of the same.

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