The Arsenal ‘mess’ deepens: Key executive out, James Rodriguez in? | Premier League

Gab Marcotti, Dan Thomas, Alejandro Moreno and Craig Burley of ESPN FC react to the news that Arsenal head of scouting Sven Mislintat is out after the …


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23 thoughts on “The Arsenal ‘mess’ deepens: Key executive out, James Rodriguez in? | Premier League”

  1. D. A. says:

    James a better left foot than anyone in the premier league. Done.

  2. OceanBlue says:

    Jim Rodriguez is a joke!… He is one of the most overrated players out there!

  3. Don't usually agree with Burley, but he's bang on here.

  4. 100WangWing says:

    Özil and Miki have not performed. Emery have been unlucky. If these guys had stepped up them there wouldn't be a problem.

  5. Kroenke is using Arsenal as his free atm to fund his American teams…kroenke is a parasite n is destroying the club.

  6. Real Madrid should have kept James. Great player. Damn shame.

  7. Tomas Leiva says:

    I will finally give you guys a thumbs up since you guys are tearing into Stan Kroenke!! Kroenke out!!! We need a real owner like Abromovich!!

  8. MagickMaxX says:

    We all know who in particular needs to leave Arsenal ASAP.. Fuck you Stan, GTFO of our club!

  9. Jinn Jaxn says:

    bullshit it's fucking kronke.

  10. Jim Howson says:

    The LA stadium cost 1billion

  11. cskaismful says:

    Fuck Kroenke and everyone else that has ruined our great club

  12. Bryan Guerra says:

    Send James to Spurs ✌️

  13. jean duque says:

    Rodriguez is too good for arsenal , a move to Arsenal will ruin Rodriguez career

  14. 22 unbeaten games in a row……i think soon 22 beaten/draw games are on the way soon……what is wong with their frontline and defence man……

  15. i don't expect arsenal to buy rodriguez……this team is not good enough for the europa league spot also…..i am feeling leicester or watford will finish 6th…..because arsenal is a joke now…..anybody can beat them……stupid tactics and lack of creativity is the main reason along with their leaking defence….now even mislintat is set to leave…..stan should also make his way out….after that raul sanllehi….

  16. Hassan says:

    Arsenal is a sinking ship while Kroenke is in charge

  17. davidogan says:

    Ah, this bunch of stupid losers again.

  18. Gunners with the same type of GREEDY,DIRTY,CRAWLING AMERICUNT MAGGOTS, THIEVING the clubs wealth just as these AMERICUNTS at UTD have done.

  19. derek miller says:

    I'm not an arsenal fan but I don't understand where all arsenals money has gone,,surely they have money to spend on players

  20. Liam Cole says:

    Arsenal fans can’t accept that there club is shit

  21. We should get Kai Havertz. Baller.

  22. Harvey Crewe says:

    "Wage Budget"……they shouldn't fucking have one. Maybe if they weren't attempting to be self sustainable like there is some kind of environmental impact from Arsenal buying players. Fuck off Kroenke.

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