Terminally ill Sunderland fan Bradley scores against Chelsea – BBC Sport

Five-year-old Sunderland supporter Bradley Lowery has terminal cancer, but he scored a penalty for his beloved Black Cats in the warm-up against Chelsea.

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33 thoughts on “Terminally ill Sunderland fan Bradley scores against Chelsea – BBC Sport”

  1. Datoxicguy says:

    Even the Newcastle fans love ya

  2. Still better than penaldo

  3. Mr. Jess says:

    R.I.P Little boy (L)

  4. R.I.P Bradley, you little soilder

  5. whitetrouter says:

    Wee legend god rest wee man

  6. tosh bignel says:

    My heart goes out to u and ur family little boy!! God bless u

  7. Daniel Adams says:

    There's only one Bradley Lowry.

  8. Jean D says:

    I don't really understand the point of these kids with cancer stories.

  9. Who the fuck dislikes something like this

  10. Respect Sunderlad from Italy.

  11. Ruby's DIY'S says:

    Anyone who doesn't like this is mean

  12. God say yes no body can say no

  13. Mike Jarrett says:

    Football fans get bad press but they come together when times are hard,, i have cancer and am ready to die, if i could take his illness too i would, children should never die before the parents but life is a shit sometimes, really shit. Sunderland fans are some of the best in the league and will send everything they have for the poor boy, i hope his family get support too. I hope he has not passed yet. I don't know the boy but no one should go through cancer, it is the worst experience ever.

  14. RentalWaffle says:

    omg how did begovic let that in? (sarcastic)

  15. Smiley Lol says:

    I heard Everton donated 200000 pounds for Bradley trip to the USA

  16. The people who dislike this have no soul

  17. Haxy says:

    1 dislike = 1 cunt

  18. Alfie Cooke says:

    Has any one heard about this fat fuck who said I hope Bradley dies or something like when will he die ps I don't agree with her

  19. Max Afriyie says:

    Have a lovely Christmas Bradley and hopefully, you will have many more happy years to come.

  20. Bradley's on fire, your defense is terrified, Bradley's on fire.

  21. Mad Monk says:

    FAKE. the keeper was not even trying to save that shot.

  22. The boy need cannabis oil to cure the cancer and to stop poisoning him with chemotherapy, stop suppressing cures. So very sad

  23. YYR says:

    so sad that he only have a few months

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