Should there be a foreign players limit in the Premier League? | The Debate

Updated: 15/06/2024

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20 thoughts on “Should there be a foreign players limit in the Premier League? | The Debate”

  1. There is a foreign limit. Lol

  2. yes. when it will be a limit to the immigrants that come to your country.

  3. There should be a very small number of Blacks and Muslims living in Britain to begin with. Their behavior and cultures are strange.

  4. Serie A did that years ago but took that rule out i think bcos all them players start going to the Premier League and the La Liga

  5. Alex King says:

    Political in football is not good i hete polite .football is just like only enjoying .epl is the best league in the world .but this said nonsense on media .polite in football very sad

  6. Cyber Monk says:

    Keep it free market the only to get a good business going…

  7. This is not IPL of cricket……This is football……..

  8. There'll be a natural limitation IF Brexit ever happens, because a lot of the EU players that are at the "lesser" clubs won't be eligible for work permits.

  9. Mo Bo says:

    Nothing to do with game time Theo Walcott should’ve been a world class player right now was give plenty of chances at first team level if only he’d had went on loan to a foreign league to develop himself instead of being forced into the prem at 17

  10. Mo Bo says:

    Limit on foreign players playing in the premier league would result in good English players being valued way more to their clubs which would mean less English player movement and would gradually result in each team quality going down for example if the rule was applied today Callum Hudson-Odoi would go from being worth £40 million to over £100million which would result in a oversaturated market and the quality of the English league would decrease

  11. LFC 77 says:

    McMahon is rather dumb.

  12. This is football my friend deal with it

  13. "who are the top six?" really bruh? how can you talk about the PL and not understand who the top six are? smh

  14. Not surprised that they didn’t bring on a foreigner

  15. verginone says:

    The premier league teams will never pass the group stage with British players

  16. D Anton says:

    Team 'X' in the big six doesn't want the other five 'big 6' to do well.

  17. I think that Scotland should keep their own league and the big clubs I the Scottish league. But what about a British premier cup on top of European and domestic football played by all Scottish Welsh and Irish premier sides plus all English clubs not in Europe ?

  18. Italy put a four or five year ban on foreign transfers and had arguably there best ever national teams and pools of players to pick from because of it

  19. Here's an idea, in addition maybe you should also limit foreign investment in your football as well as limit its broadcast to foreign countries and why stop there even put a ban on foreign coaches and managers coz you need to also give your managers a chance of managing clubs

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