Should surfing really be an Olympic sport? – BBC Sport

Surfing will make it's Olympic debut as a sport at Tokyo 2020, but should it?

Professional GB surfer Emily Currie, who wants to compete in Tokyo, and Hannah Bristow, lifestyle surfer and YouTuber, discuss whether the Olympics is actually a good thing for the sport.

Listen to them, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Should surfing really be an Olympic sport? – BBC Sport”

  1. as one of them said, it'll change the competitive aspect of the sport, whereas people like me, we'll still be doing the same shizz…
    Although not a problem for me because i live in the seychelles, so no crowds, but in places like the US etc i can see a lot more surfers trying to get into the professional sport even more so bringing a sometimes unhealthy attitude to the water like we already sometimes see…Also, i'm afraid the commercial aspect of it (which sucks and is ruining the essence of surfing in many ways) getting even more compounded…once again, if wont affect me though, so i say yes! there are some undeserving sports in the olympics in my opinion though, so surfing should def be there…then there is also the problem for future locations regarding good breaks and swell…rambling over, peace 🙂

  2. Peter Cole says:

    Why is no one asking, "should Curling be an Olympic sport?"

  3. Love this – Hannah's lifestyle seems so fun!!

  4. Surfing on the BBC – FINALLY! love this!

  5. Lee Thomas says:

    Didn't know this was coming to the olympics – super cool vid

  6. This is awesome, I see both sides but personally don't see surfing in the Olympics. Really fun to watch though, well done BBC on doing something different!

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