Shaka Hislop explains why David De Gea is so good | Premier League

On the heels of David De Gea's 11 saves in Tottenham vs. Manchester United, former Premier League goalkeeper Shaka Hislop explains to the rest of the ESPN …


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33 thoughts on “Shaka Hislop explains why David De Gea is so good | Premier League”

  1. Koroshiya says:

    It's funny, I watched these guys 8 years ago, and it's the same panel of pundits.

  2. De gea is the only players that is constantly getting himself into these conversations and debates, when no other keepers are, he is the world no 1 without a doubt

  3. The Wall says:

    Please stop talking, De Gea IS the best in the world. No one comes remotely close.

  4. MR BEE xxx says:

    david de gea best goalkeeper

  5. Anyone said allison is betterthan de gea probably had amnesia ..everybody remember when he still at roma nad liverpool own them ..fucking big time gea never let that much of goal in a match

  6. Craig you are acting like a gal……..

  7. Jealous as fuck lolol hes class end of

  8. Bayern fan but have to say, De Gea is the best

  9. Ter stegen best in the world don’t make me laugh keylor Navas apparently isn’t top 5 and he is better

  10. Ter Stegan is not even the no.1 german goalkeeper. You are not the best in the world if you are not the no.1 keeper of your country. Its that simple.

  11. I like De Gea cause he's metal music lover, while I'm LFC fans

  12. In what world is ter stegen better than de gea. Ter Stegen literally sips his tea all game long and enjoys the spanish climate while de gea has to basically carry the defense and goalie responsibilities with phil jones and smalling as center backs, my god! these guys are delusional or blind

  13. About 4 of those shots were world class saves. The rest was all positioning which 99% of goal keepers have since they are taught this from young.

  14. Yes De Gea good brilian goolkeeper
    But dont forget the defend..
    When the defend going well more easy for the goolkeep to choose his position…that why stiker frustrastion and couldn't think another option to shoot the ball..thats my opinion

  15. Sorry I love De Gea but those where basic saves.I don’t care what anyone says lol.I would have saved them shots

  16. I hate these panel of pundits always so negative about man utd
    And discrediting our win over spurs , all i'v heard since we beat Tottenham is if it weren't for de gea, well I say this If it weren't for Hugo lloris Tottenham could have lost to us 3 or 4 nil.

  17. Mahmoud Mu says:

    you lost me when you said ter stegin in the best. hahahaah wtf these guys know nothing

  18. Three of the shittest ex pros to ever play the game. Nicol. Burley and Hislop. Christ they are scraping the barrel on this channel. Who cares what any of these think. Obviously DDG is the best in the world.

  19. tritone11 says:

    Casual football fans just never understand positioning/movement as a skill. Criminally underestimated skill.

  20. xmyakaxxm says:

    Many football fans have no idea what is positioning. For them, Ronaldo and De Gea are goal magnets, ball will bounce to them automatically

  21. better mention his handball experience

  22. One week shaka says de gea is nowhere near the best, next week de gea makes 11 blinding saves shaka could not even dream to make. This entire panel is trash. Literally opened the vid on mute, saw the four clowns and decided to insult them and leave, especially that dummy burley. Disgrace.

  23. Ter Stegen the best in the world. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. That’s a good one.

    Hislop saying he would have been mad at himself for letting ANY of those De Gea saves in for a goal… {quickly reviews Hislop videos} … that might have been a better joke. That dude would have been flapping at 5-6 of
    Those like a fish out of water. GTFOH

  24. If it were any other keeper, half of those shots would have been goals. No debate

  25. Tony Smyth says:

    'Were they not all saves that you would expect him to make' ??? How can any self-respecting football pundit/presenter ask such a question? Some keepers can make things look easier than most of us think they are. And some keepers are all too easily beaten down low. David De Gea is a superb goalkeeper.

  26. Are you kidding???? De Gea is atleast twice as better as Ter Stegen!!!

  27. De Gea is the best nuff said,this goon picking his nose talking shit about he aint superman hahaha sit down you nob

  28. Highly overrated. Proved his worth in the World Cup. Pundits need to stop sucking his dick.

  29. And that's exactly why that stupid black prick only played for shit clubs.. Aint got a clue hes been the best in tje world for the past 6years

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