Salah? Gerrard? Xabi Alonso? Who makes the best Liverpool XI (Premier League era)

Updated: 27/05/2024

The #SaturdaySav team discuss the best ever Liverpool XI from the Premier League era, with quite a few star names such as Fernando Torres being left out.


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23 thoughts on “Salah? Gerrard? Xabi Alonso? Who makes the best Liverpool XI (Premier League era)”

  1. So the reason for not choosing someone is because they haven't been in there long enough. U are choosing the best team , not bloody loyalty

  2. Alisson
    TAA / VVD / Agger / Robertson
    Alonso / Gerrard / Barnes
    Salah / Torres / Mane

  3. Allison
    Finnan Carra VVD Robbo
    Alonso Mascherano Stevie
    Salah Suarez Mane

  4. Flower Torres Suarez Front 3

  5. Polaarzzz says:

    3:35 so many good attacking players….. Still no premiere league

  6. Idk why people think salah is better than mane.

  7. Alisson
    Arbeloa VVD Hyypiä Robertson
    Gerrard Mascherano Alonso
    Salah Torres Suarez

  8. 777 888 says:

    The best way is to use a 3-5-2 formation. I really don't see any right backs that deserve to be in the all-time XI. I would go for Suarez and Torres up front, Fowler was a good player but realistically Torres was better than him. So, Reina – Carragher, Hyypia, Van Dijk – Alonso, Gerrard, McManaman, Coutinho, Salah – Suarez, Torres

  9. The guy in the grey suit is sooo annoying

  10. The one who break record

  11. IG BIG says:

    Salah , Torres , Suarez has to be 3 up front , those older guys cant compete with modern day athletics and sports science

  12. Reina
    Finnan Van dijk carragher robbo
    Alonso Gerard Barnes
    Torres Suarez Fowler

  13. ItsZac says:

    Trent Alexander Arnold
    Xabi alonso

  14. ItsZac says:

    Fowler wasn’t as good as rush

  15. Lee Cross says:

    Not Riise, the guy could literally kick himself through a brick wall

  16. Unknown says:

    I’m so fuming that Torres didn’t even get a mention wtf

  17. TheNixbrix says:

    gerrard is and always will be the best MAN to put a lfc shirt on

  18. Ajeeli says:

    That team would look different in 3 years time. Most of Liverpool's current team would be in it.

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