Raheem Sterling opens up about racism, family & his career so far | BBC Sport

Updated: 22/05/2022

BBC Sport catches up with Manchester City & England forward Raheem Sterling, who tells the story of his career in his own words.

The FA Cup, Premier League & League Cup winner discusses all things from his family and early childhood in north London, to his playing style and fight against racism in football.

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Raheem Sterling opens up about racism, family & his career | BBC Sport


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14 thoughts on “Raheem Sterling opens up about racism, family & his career so far | BBC Sport”

  1. How about boycotting teams that are funded by those that profit from immigrant slave labour? Like Man City for example.

  2. Wimbledon fan calling Haringey bourgh keeper a black cunt twice live on BBC during a fa cup tie , brushed over or forgotten, good old BBC

  3. 2pikeman says:

    are poor lad, people called you names, boo hoo


  5. Shay says:

    Omg does this guy ever shut up about racism , millkng af

  6. Great player, stilldont like him

  7. Raheem Sterling, the modern day Penguin. If he was American he would of made numerous appearances on South Park by now.

  8. BBC Sport is much more interested in racism and feminism than sport.

  9. simonq7 says:

    27 goals & 15 assists this season. What a season he has had. Hopefully carries on that form for a little bit more for the Nations League games.

  10. WILL says:

    another masterclass from sterling's PR

  11. Hamza Omar says:

    Sterling has improved rapidly especially his finishing ‼️〽️

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