Premier League Week 17 predictions: Liverpool vs. Manchester United, more | Premier League Predictor

Updated: 23/06/2024

Steve Nicol and Alexis Nunes of ESPN FC head to the Premier League Predictor to offer their Premier League Week 17 predictions, including Manchester City …


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27 thoughts on “Premier League Week 17 predictions: Liverpool vs. Manchester United, more | Premier League Predictor”

  1. Dystopic says:

    Look at all the desperate men and their thirsty comments lmao

  2. Way Back says:

    The white guy having a boner

  3. Ian Omondi says:

    arsenal we lost the game

  4. Only got 2 right that's awkward

  5. Dabz says:

    Well my mind traveled far away after she said “Juicy fixture”

  6. The are more comments about Nunes than the predictions.

  7. Alex Oh says:

    So many wrong picks lol

  8. 3:18 Just came back to comment that Southampton won against arsenal lol. Good job writing them off

  9. Md Farhan says:

    Look at her boobs.. From 1st look i thought she don't wear a bra

  10. Liverpool with clap united 3:0 at least GO REDS YOU’LL NEVER WALK ALONE!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Wadi Zaki says:

    What??? Draw?? Owhhh.. common nunesss.. use your brain, not your ass!!

  12. 20 TIMES says:

    Nunes is a wonderful pundit

  13. Scenes when a woman's ass is more significant than the braindead analysis.

  14. ameen ryan says:

    never underestimate mourinho stevey nicol

  15. Man utd won 2 1 dodgy lover at the back again

  16. Nicol is an idiotic cunt.

  17. I never feel Newcastle can score… Rondon is not a goalscorer… FT Newcastle 1 thanks to Rondon

  18. I can honestly see matt ryan having a masterclass against chelsea, especially if morata starts. I’m going for a tight 1-1 or 2-1 for brighton

  19. she has no clue that utd are shit and she should know that Liverpool should batter them

  20. Kenny Lee says:

    Liverpool 0 1 MU, the very most 1 – 1

  21. Tomorrow will be the last game of morinho.

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