Premier League 2018/19 predictions: Title winner, top scorer and more | ESPN FC

Updated: 26/05/2024

ESPN FC's Steve Nicol and Alexis Nunes make their 2018/19 Premier League predictions, choosing the title winner (Manchester City and Liverpool get picked), …


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44 thoughts on “Premier League 2018/19 predictions: Title winner, top scorer and more | ESPN FC”

  1. RT Tekzz says:

    Hazard was the best last season

  2. Omg Nicol almost predicted all corect

  3. Will Sevy says:

    Not bad shout from Stevie

  4. Who is here after city won the league again?

  5. Elstapha says:

    Gosh I need this for 2019/2020 season

  6. Elstapha says:

    Got it right, man city won and Liverpool came 2nd
    MO Salah won the golden boot
    Mourinho got sacked 1st

  7. Guy was perfect in his prediction

  8. Winner=Manchester City

    Top Scorer=Harry Kane

    Best Player=Sergio Agüero

    Cannot do sack race cause it already happened.

  9. Aidtom says:

    Van djik
    Dyche. Nicol come on your a red.

  10. Arun Babu says:

    KDB best player!!!
    Grow up man… That man is not even playing with injury

  11. DEE DUBZ says:

    Alexis Jamaican Queen.x

  12. Red Sleyz says:

    So far Nunes seems like the more likely

  13. Doniedaff says:

    Who actually was the first sacked? Jovanovic?

  14. EL HAMIZI says:

    Guess whose on the heels all season long !!!!!!!

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  16. Winner: Wolves FC
    Top scorer: Ruben Neves
    Relegation: Cardiff
    Best player: Ruben Neves
    Sack Race: Jose Mourinho

  17. Sean Moran says:

    LOL alexis picks are terrible. watching this a bit late, other than liverpool i cant agree with any of them

  18. Manchester City

  19. We really don't understand why do u guys bring him to your channel?????
    He talks about Liverpool all the time and he doesn't know how to be neutral. He hates all the Manchester united players. Being a real Madrid fan I can clearly see by his comments….I immediately stop myself from watching the broadcast if he is there….please don't bring him to your channel.

  20. Keep calm their loss will change after November. Chelsea watch out

  21. Champion-liv/Chelsea
    Top scorer-kane
    Best player-hazard
    Sack race- someone from bottom

  22. Pogba best player…fok off

  23. Watford winning the title this year
    Mark my words

  24. I am a Man Utd fan but I agree with Stevie. Although I do like Jose I just don't think he will go far into the season without getting sacked. Hopes are high though.

  25. All I can say iz that epl is all about surprise no wonder Leicester won it in against big teams

  26. Grim Mind says:

    chelsea will won premeir league

  27. U fat alexis boy what do u thing of Manchester United?
    Tell me how many times United won the league?
    Stupid making stupid decisions fat boy

  28. xxx says:

    I also think that Jose Mourinho will be sacked

  29. xxx says:

    Except for the Premier League winner I completely agree with Nicol

  30. By the sounds of it this lady wants a piece off stevieee

  31. You are saying that Liverpool will win PL and will be the biggest loser in UCL????

  32. Edy Herman says:

    With all due respect, u all wrong and didnt know whats the premier league is. Same goes to the world cup.. Have they learned anything yet?

  33. CHAMPION: Man City TOP SCORER: S. Mane (Liverpool) RELEGATION: Watford, Cardiff, Bournemouth BEST PLAYER: Alisson (Liverpool) SACK RACE: J. Mourinho (Man Utd)
    Shock(s): Alisson
    Total shock(s): Watford, Bournemouth

  34. new movie says:

    Wtf this lady said worst team in ucl 18/19 and here she said Liverpool win this season now subscribed this chanel

  35. Champions: Bournemouth, leicester or Tottenham

    Top 4: Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham, Watford, leicester, Bournemouth, Fulham or Crystal palace

    Relegated: Huddersfield, Cardiff, Newcastle, man utd or arsenal

    Top goalscorer: Mohammed salah, maddison, harry Kane, richarlisom, mane, Lucas moura or Marcus Rashford

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