'Pop that booty' – train like a Notting Hill Carnival dancer | BBC Sport

Updated: 16/08/2022

Ahead of the Notting Hill Carnival, BBC Sport’s Mwaksy went along to a samba class to learn some moves and to see if she could keep up with some of the best.


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13 thoughts on “'Pop that booty' – train like a Notting Hill Carnival dancer | BBC Sport”

  1. NEWS? …………………….

  2. Looks cool, thought it was gonna be a butt cheek slapping style dance lol. Had a "hey didn't gillete say that was bad" comment locked and loaded but this seems pretty fun for them.

  3. djjlc says:

    That your clothes of then! Dance like a stripper get treat like a stripper!!

  4. The Asians are breaking records in science and we're teaching our daughters how to shake their booty

  5. rxp56 says:

    I'm here to see some fat arses

  6. Pop that booty?? No because I'm not low life street skank grinding on strangers crotches.. I must be old fashioned but getting a fat ass out in the street and shaking it about just seems really nasty

  7. Brazilian carnival samba moves might burn a lot of calories but they are definitly not sexy.

  8. Maximilian says:

    Black ass is best.
    Who agrees

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