Peter Crouch is super honest about being a substitute – BBC Sport

Updated: 13/08/2022

Stoke City striker Peter Crouch gives Dion Dublin a super honest assessment of life as a substitute at the club he says are the Premier League's ‘best of the rest'.


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Peter Crouch is super honest about being a substitute | BBC Sport


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32 thoughts on “Peter Crouch is super honest about being a substitute – BBC Sport”

  1. Nacho Monreal…

    But stretched out

  2. Alan fry says:

    Top fella is our crouch

  3. hes got the hottest wife, imagine it, fick me hes the winne init

  4. error #404 says:

    Best outside of top 7, look now…..

  5. Used to like crouch until he took McDonald shilling for those unfunny adverts

  6. How's this lump of skull and skin get to bed abby ….( I am a fan of him tho)

  7. Wee Muggo says:

    "Best of the rest" kind of ironic now as stoke would have finished bottom if alan pardew was sacked earlier.

  8. nongdarko says:

    Always loves Crouchy, fantastic bloke. I'm a Burnley fan.

  9. Crouch go China league king of China league strikers

  10. Marmite . says:

    Seems like a good friendly LAD

  11. Declan says:

    Can't beat crouch galloping into the box like a giraffe and knocking one in off his head from a cross.

  12. Wonder if it's all in proportion…

  13. klumpos says:

    Criminally overlooked by england managers considering his scoring record for them

  14. A great role model Peter Crouch is!

  15. lk96 says:

    what a player deserves to start more

  16. Come back to Pompey mate. We are on the up and I know you would be welcomed with open arms

  17. Joe Davies says:

    Got to meet Crouchy in work, brilliant fella and so down to earth

  18. He looks like a tall version of Luka Modric

  19. Long Phan says:

    How is he a pro? He’s like a tree

  20. tiarnan says:

    interviewer "Peter what would you be if you werent a footballer?"
    crouchy "eh…..single"

    best answer ever….

  21. Seems like a quality bloke

  22. JØSĖPH says:

    1:50 What did he mean by that? Do kids come in with fake birth certificates??

  23. Derek says:

    I remember meeting Dion Dublin, walked into some shitty bar in Krakow, who was in the back playing pool. Dion Dublin. Very random.

  24. clown a says:

    Am I the only person who thought the title would say gay?

  25. Tim Volkov says:

    Love this guy! United fan here.

  26. Crouch reminds me of the ice cream man from legion

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