Neymar? Eden Hazard? Kylian Mbappe? Will Real Madrid spend big again this summer? | BBC Sport

Updated: 22/05/2022

BBC Sport travels to Madrid to explore if Los Blancos will spend big on some of the ‘Galacticos' of modern football.

After four Champions League wins in five seasons, Real Madrid endured a trophyless season in 2018-19, and the club are widely expected to rebuild their team this summer.

But with Zinedine Zidane back at the helm, will we see another team of ‘Galacticos' assembled at the Santiago Bernabeu?

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Neymar? Eden Hazard? Kylian Mbappe? Will Real Madrid spend big again this summer? | BBC Sport


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17 thoughts on “Neymar? Eden Hazard? Kylian Mbappe? Will Real Madrid spend big again this summer? | BBC Sport”

  1. Are we just gonna ignore that Guillem thought Roberto Carlos arrived after Beckham??

  2. Think about it. A budget of about £100 mil a season. They haven't signed anyone "big" since James. So they have potentially £500 mil to spend. I'd say Mbappe, Hazard, Jovic, and some good upcoming defenders. I don't think they need hazard and Neymar just one

  3. Thraitor says:

    The entiltememt out of these fans is pathetic

  4. real madrid will become great again, we hope Ramos would stay and serve his retirement with us

  5. Saidi lome says:

    Fuck Perez and he's arrogance

  6. TBK BRO says:

    You can tell this interview is soooo manipulated tryna make it seem like real madrid is psg whit plastic fans and spoiled brads wen in reality real madrid is the club whit the riches history

  7. forget about neymar and Mbappe and spanish media are a disgrace and those madrid and barca fans need to be humbled not every good player need to go to madrid or barca hope zidane will flop

  8. Do they even have an academy

  9. harry kane? is that a fucking joke haha

  10. Fans at bernabeu are a disgrace,I have been a Real Madrid fan for more than 10 yrs now and yes I criticse our team when they dont play well but boy even if we are loosing 3-0 ,fans here are still cheering every attack hoping for a comeback ..the term "demanding" fans is something which I find funny , because it is a Privilege to be a real madrid player ,you have to be one of the best ,but so it the case for other top teams too , but any one can be a fan ,any tom dick or harry … So I seriously cant understand them being such a snob and ruining the reputation of the club Because coming from a growing football community here in India ,I can vouch for all the real madrid fans from around the world as to how annoying it is to watch our own fans boo our own players at the bernabeu ,that is simply not acceptable.

  11. SELFMADE 7 says:

    Hazard, Eriksen, Jovic, Mbappe or Neymar means another 4 UCL's in 5 years.

  12. 1 makaveli says:

    We need another ronaldo why not Kylian Mpappe

  13. 1 makaveli says:

    Mpappe and hazard were good

  14. Alvaro says:

    Man, the comments on this video are fucking idiotic. Spanish teams have proven to be the most dominant in world football historically and specially over the last decades, out of the top 10 players of all time almost each and everyone of them have played in Spain, the two most decorated teams in football history play in la liga. The team with the most UCLs ever plays in la liga, the team with the most Europa league titles plays in la liga, english, german and italian teams have been destroyed on a regular basis by spanish teams over the last ten years. How come the conclusion most of you stupid cunts reach is that la liga sucks and that is why barça a d madrid were bad this season? Fuck you.

  15. Sign this, sign that. Real's fans are such spoiled little brats. How about givng a chance to the players from Real's academy instead?

  16. Galactico era is over I think …..too many clubs with oily clubs to compete against them …

  17. NonPareil says:

    they all just forget about Courtois

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