Neves Strike Secures Win! | Wolves 2-1 Liverpool | Extended Highlights | Emirates FA Cup 2018/19

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Neves' second half goal for Wolves cancelled out Liverpool's equaliser, to see Wolves go through to the next round of the Emirates FA Cup. Watch the Wolves v …


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  1. โอริกี้ยังมีประโยชน์มากๆแต่.คล้อปต้องให้โอกาสเยอะกว่านี้หน่อยครับ.มันก็เหมือนรถถ้าไม่ค่อยขับค่อยใช้บ่อยๆมันก็วิ่งไม่ออก.อืดๆยังไงไม่รู้.เสตอร์ริดก็เหมือนกัน.ช่างมันFA. CUP. เราไม่เอาเราอยากได้แชมป์ลีกและUCL. เท่านั้นปีนี้..(1990-2019ผมรอฉลองแชมป์ด้วยจิตระทึก)เป็นแฟนหงษ์มาตั้งแต่ปี1981จนถึง2019ผมก็ไม่รู้ว่านานเท่าไรแล้ว..หงษ์ในสายเลือด..

  2. Olá, tudo bem!? Meu nome é Wesley, sou Brasileiro e gosto muito do Campeonato Inglês.
    Gostei muito do Canal, não conhecia. Me inscrevi e agora sou mais um membro! Um abraço!

  3. HAHAHA also funny AF to see f@cktards supporting ARSEnal cannon blowers & TRANNYtonham spuds suckers commenting on here. When was the LAST TIME your two dumpster baby FC won anything of significance in the EPL? Always the bridesmaid, never the bride, huh jelly b!tchboys? LMAO… Enjoy watching Liverpool WIN the EPL this season, just one of many to come.

  4. LMFAO Manchester Divided fanboys are so butt hurt, it's HILARIOUS. So much drama with you turds these days. You chumps better worry about you ladyboys sucking for the next 20+ years in the EPL, regardless of all the ridiculous spending through FA signings and bought Titles of YEARS PAST. Pretty obvious Liverpool DROPPED OUT of this worthless tournament on purpose, all about the Championship which they're gunning for and will likely WIN. It's the REDS time for Cups now, losers. Enjoy the show. YNWA!!!!

  5. Jimenez should've passed the ball instead of shooting it , it was a nice goal don't get me wrong but that's a shot you take when you're up by two or more, easy goals means less risk

  6. Congrats to Liverpool, very strategic loss to conserve necessary strength and health for the championship race and more important, top4 position to ensure the Champion League participation ticket for next year. Klopp dont want to waste his resources for unimportant cup/title. Everybody is doing exactly like what Wenger did during almost all of his reign years at Arsenal, top 4 to ensure the pockets of the club won't be empty, including Pep and the richest club in England, Man City.

    Stupid Arsenal bandwagon fans will be sorry to treat Wenger that way at the end of his reign. Current Arsenal directors board dont know how to make money, they are only wasting it. Let see how Emery cop with minimum restraint budget year after year. Wenger had £20M budget max including salaries and stadium loan payments. Emery ? He is doing £20M per transaction, no wonder why Arsenal treasury is empty so fast.

    There are tons of managers who can spend £100M easily on the market, how many can make you that ?

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