Match of the Day’s Premier League all-time XI – BBC Sport

Match of the the Day's Gary Lineker, Alan Shearer, Ian Wright and Danny Murphy select their all-time Premier League all-star XI.

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21 thoughts on “Match of the Day’s Premier League all-time XI – BBC Sport”

  1. Scholes should be in. Would love to have seen a partnership of Keane and Vieira though. Teams would have been petrified to play against them.

  2. Tobs Ayo says:

    Lampard and Viera, that midfield would be unstoppable

  3. 25/8 says:

    A little bit English bias half this team played for England and achieved nothing and you can’t tell me frank lampard is better than viera or scholes or Keane no way Gary Neville to very over rated most of he’s career he was carried by that man united team if anything he was the weak link in the team

  4. kirk wyton says:

    We need a worst ever premier league side ever

  5. kirk wyton says:

    Keane and Viera hated each other but what a midfield that would have been…agree with Shearer and Henry up front

  6. Leighton baines wasnt even on the list? He hold the record for most assists by a defender. He should of at least made the list

  7. It always surprises me when the Premiership's Best XI is voted for, and the endless debates ensue about which two of Gerrard, Lampard and Scholes should be in midfield. First of all, none of these played no. 4, without which, as England demonstrated over and over again, a team won't win anything. And second, for those of us who followed football in the 1990s, the best player of those years, the player who bestrode the Premiership like a colossus, whose own team mates were only slightly less scared of him than his opponents, who made the hard men in Serie A look like cry babies, who wasn't the most skillful or talented, who didn't score the most goals or make the most assists but who everyone in Britain recognised as the outstanding player of his generation, who drove his club team onto success after success beyond their talents, and who would have made minced meat of today's candidates for Best ever Premiership Team – was Roy Keane. He regularly got the upper hand of Vieira, his only rival. Scholes, who was many times more talented, played in his shadow. Gerrard and Lampard were terrified of him. The great Zidane, who was the greatest player of that period, couldn't get the better of him. Arsenal hated his guts. Referees were bullied by him. And there's not a player in the Premiership today who could face him. I remember a newspaper article from the time comparing the treble-winning Manchester United team of 1999 to the great Liverpool teams of the 1980s, and while the marks of 8 and 9 were plentiful for both teams, one player from each side was marked 10. For Liverpool it was Dalgleish; for Man United it was Keane. Yes, he's an arsehole and a borderline psychopath, and nobody wants to remember the extent to which he dominated the Premier League, which was second only to his manager and fellow psychopath, Alex Ferguson. But Keane was, quite easily, the best player in the history of the Premiership.

  8. Tony Adams, Denis Irwin and Vidic In for Cole Ferdinand and terry

  9. Sean Munn says:

    Not saying De Gea should be in this squad even slightly because of what they said about not being at the club long enough for it, but in terms of goalkeeper quality and the defence they've had to assist them, I don't think there's many who've proven they can support an entire defence more than De Gea

  10. I judge players on quality, to give myself an easier task, I am just gonna select English players (no Irish, Scottish, and Welsh players)

    David Seaman

    Lee Dixon, Tony Adams, Sol Campbell, Stuart Pearce

    Steve McManaman, Steven Gerrard, Paul Gascoigne, Chris Waddle

    Alan Shearer, Teddy Sheringham

  11. No Keane no scholes WHATTTT GERRARD WHAT DID HE WIN

  12. How did that golden generation never won a world cup ??? That's not the Greatest PL team of all time at all… Its just ur fav players team of all time… Change the title first…!!

  13. Lasciel says:

    Scholes and Gerrard for me

  14. Edvin Van der saar was the best… No wonder you are delusional Coz you think England plays good football…

  15. Rio Ferdinand over Tony Adams who’re these psychos

  16. sky 11 says:

    The lord bendtner isnt here….


  17. Mine: Schmeichel
    Neville Vidic Terry Cole
    Ronaldo Kante Scholes Giggs
    Shearer Aguero

  18. Cantona should have been in

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