Manchester United defense in ‘shambles’ despite beating Tottenham – Steve Nicol | Premier League

Updated: 25/05/2022

Steve Nicol and Craig Burley break down the positives and negatives from Manchester United's 1-0 win over the Tottenham Hotspur on ESPN FC and how Man …


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33 thoughts on “Manchester United defense in ‘shambles’ despite beating Tottenham – Steve Nicol | Premier League”

  1. These idiots doesn't know shit… ESPN is wasting it's money on shitty pundits…

  2. Stupid pundits… If Spurs have scored one let's say don't these fools think that manutd would have attacked..

  3. Bravo Mc says:

    Utter wankers Steve Nicol scouse cunt

  4. Can’t stand these annoying cunts with their cut up lips lmao just stfu bitch ass porcupine looking weirdo

  5. nicol using his two brain cells to try and think up a reason why Utd won't make top 4.He struggles because one of those cells runs his stinking carcass.

  6. How can that old fart say ‘against proper teams they will lose goals’. Are spurs not a proper team?? Literally a week ago everyone was saying how devastating Spurs’ attack is. The only 2 teams with more goals in the league are city and Liverpool. So they only really have 2 big teams (in pl) to play by his logic.

  7. How can United be branded lucky when they have De Gea saving shots. It is probably the most important position on the pitch. Liverpool spent €75 million for Allison and when he made one good save against Napoli to get them to qualify past the group stages everyone says he was talking him up saying worth all the money. City went through a number of goal keepers in a short period before ederson.

  8. Ridiculous how people call united’s win lucky. De gea only has one job in football, stop the ball going into the net. When he makes great saves pundits call united lucky for winning? We don’t call Messi or Ronaldo lucky for scoring as many goals as they do a season so why do we call keepers lucky for saving them

  9. Ah fuck sake. If United lost against spurs you’d be saying they only beat small teams and now that they won you basically say they got lucky. Get a grip, put your biased views towards one side and do your job, be a proper pundit.

  10. a channel says:

    There was a defense? Thought it was just de gea in goal

  11. Shut the fuck up Stevie, you hideous has been

  12. YK says:

    Had Utd took all their chances in the first half. The game would be done and dusted.

  13. TNizzy x6 says:

    Why does everyone think its luck like this isn't the sane team that beat them in the semis of the fa cup

  14. God do these two talk complete shite…. seriously defence a shambles? The team defended as a team and De Gea was good as usual… they should have lost 6 3… said before we will not beat spurs now we do it is incredible we won and we should have lost…. i give up if these two get paid for that level of punditry then that is pure shambles….

  15. Jim Jams says:

    Are these pundits complete idiots.
    Have they been living under a rock.
    We all know Man U defence are shambles, what's new?
    Great going forward but garbage at the back.
    Not going to win titles with smalling, Joans, young at the back.
    A brand new defence needed in the summer, a new striker to replace lukaku is required.

  16. kwj171068 says:

    Steve Nicol you need to lay of the cheeseburgers you fat twat.

  17. vignesh k says:

    Lol.. they prepared the notes on United loosing.. Now all they got is bashing them..Craig and Steve should manage then they will know. they say like they have won champions league. Assholes

  18. They’re exciting to watch again ⚽️

  19. i actually like how these "pundits" bash united.. It makes us stronger….

  20. Is stevie a thick cunt… Spurs had not shot on goal in the first half… Utd cudda buried them in the first half… Also… Spurs at the end of the game only had 3 more shots on goal to utd… So his talking bollocks about spurs could have won by 3 goals… Utd could have fucked them in the first half by 3 goals

  21. Hahahaha this salty pundits

  22. but stevie did play for liverpoooooool what do you expect him to say about man utd

  23. These clowns were attacking Jose on every single broadcast trying to get Man United to fire him. How that he's gone, and we've won 6 straight games, and they are still soooo negative about the team. "Absolute shambles" has got to be the only words they know when describing Man United. The bias is so clear with ESPN FC's crew!

  24. MouraThat says:

    Tottenham are not a proper team because they missed chances. Guess salah isn't a proper player because he misses some chances . Awful punditry

  25. Lol these ESPN so called pundits are JOKERS! 😀

  26. Out: Young, Jones, Rojo
    In: Koulibaly, Another Central defender, Wingbacks for god sake please replace Young he is shit
    Keep: Martial, Shaw, Pogba, Dalot, Bailly

  27. zoe lane says:

    these shitheads are pissed because their predictions are wrong

  28. King Chong says:

    This media bias and stupidness is beyond belief. Mufc

  29. Stevie is so jealous of manutd and can never see anything positive in them ever. Why do you have all the manutd haters in this panel?

  30. Chan Chan says:

    4:53 is the moment I just felt this is grade A bullshit and also the moment Steve Nicol literally lost all sign of sensibility by saying “united should have lost 6-3”.. Yeah united could have lost but don’t just act like United had 1 shot on target when lloris has to make 3(1 from martial and 2 from Pogba).

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