Man Utd? Chelsea? Arsenal? City? Which is the Premier League’s best ever team? – BBC Sport

Updated: 24/05/2022

Sir Alex Ferguson's treble winners? Jose Mourinho's first Chelsea team? or Arsene Wenger's ‘Invincibles'?

Gabby Logan is joined by Ian Wright, Wes Brown, Chris Sutton and Miguel Delaney debate to find out the Premier League's best ever team.

Which team will win?


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Who is the Premier League's best ever team? | BBC Sport


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33 thoughts on “Man Utd? Chelsea? Arsenal? City? Which is the Premier League’s best ever team? – BBC Sport”

  1. Arsenal invincibles are the best.. No moron can change the fact

  2. 123 456 says:


  3. two things: 1. Christ Sutton is a moron and I'm amazed he has a job. 2. Man City 17/18 is the best and every other opinion is wrong.

  4. Ak Go says:

    Ian Wright isn't the best talker is he

  5. David Gray says:

    this delaney guy really was annoying, the question was who was the best PREMIER LEAGUE team ever and he didnt shut up about European success, complete dickhead

  6. Daniel X says:

    Newcastle 95-97….was the most exciting team.

  7. I would love to be able to say the Arsenal invincibles, but it has to be the treble winning Man United team. But if City do the Quadruple then I'm coming back to edit my comment. 🙂

  8. invincibles for me. arsenal. henry- bergkamp etc. but if i had to choose the greatest team ever in the history of football. its got be ac milan 1988-1993- gullitt-rijkaard-van basten- baresi etc.

  9. Will Evans says:

    I’m a West Ham fan and surely it’s the Invincibles , truly incredible

  10. Will Evans says:

    Please don’t get another shitty journalist on

  11. Naix says:

    What's up with that journalist? He should do his homeworks before doing things like this. Points was not Chelsea's biggest achievement in 04-05 season. It was their defence. I can bet that even in 100 years to come no one will ever going to beat the record of conceding only 15 goals.

  12. In terms of a Premier League level, easily United 07/08. In terms of on a bigger stage, United 98/99.

  13. dale says:

    Remember, whilst United, Chelsea and Arsenal were winning Premier Leagues, City were getting relegated to the second division and getting battered 8-1 by Middlesbrough

  14. dale says:

    As a United fan, no Premier League team will ever be as good as 07/08 United.

  15. For me the greatest PREMIER LEAGUE side ever are the invincibles of 2004. Forget CL. The question wasn't which side did the best in Europe. Question was about the PL, and without a shaddow of a doubt it's Arsenal 2004. Think about it like this, only 2 sides have ever gone undefeated in the English league. To do that in a modern era is remarkable. ZERO losses. Literally no slip ups. 38 games no slip ups. All the while, playing some breathtaking football. It would be hard enough to achieve if they parked the bus and used the Chelsea approach with Mourihno, but they did it while getting after the opposition, and simply outplaying them. No excuses for anyone. I guarantee we will see another treble winning side out of England in our life times, likely we'll see it more than once. But undefeated for the entire season, in a league as competitive from top to bottom like the EPL? We'll see it again, but very unlikely it's in our lifetime. The margin for error is so small. One bad game, run is over. I'd give 2008 Man Utd and 2005 Chelsea a vote too. As far as actual scariest PL sides go. That Chelsea team lost only twice all season (may have even been once) and they set the PL points record a year after Arsenal went undefeated. Actually had more points than that Arsenal side, hence the record, AND they did it with many new players. That team also had that "no way you're winning" aura about them. They didn't play the sexiest football, but boy were they efficient. They would just squeeze the life out of a team, and their defense was probably the best I've ever seen in the league. Probably set a record for most 1-0 and 2-0 wins in the league that year. Then the 2008 Utd won the league and CL double. Wasn't the treble of 99, but for me that team was still better. Reason being is the league was more competitive that season than in 99 when only Arsenal were legit contenders to Utd (Henry wasn't even at Arsenal yet, and Liverpool didn't become good till 2000/2001). Not only that but the 2008 team didn't really need luck to win the CL ASIDE from against Barcelona who they barely beat, and got totally outplayed by and barely hung on…but Barca of those days is up for greatest football sides of all time, so you can let one kind of lucky result slide against a team like that. But 99 Utd? They barely squeaked by Juventus, Inter were huge bottlers who would get knocked out early or not even qualify for CL and against Bayern in the final they needed luck too. In the end all great sides though and it's like splitting hairs.

  16. Why is she dressed like the "tea lady"?

  17. Journalist obviously a utd fan, Miquel Delaney? Spainish sailor was it?

  18. Id never had put that voice to Wes Brown

  19. SMC01ful says:

    LFC fan here, but United cane everyone in just about all categories, bar the Invincibles. Moreover, they bought in a lot of British and Irish talent. Arsenal, used to be pretty good with locals, but they became shite later on. Chelski, and City, what a joke their player development is. Thus, I hate to say it, but United all the way.

  20. The young reporter guy made this enjoyable . Very knowledgeable lad 🙂

  21. Why do they never talk about the immense history of the first division?

  22. Kay U says:

    To even compare unbeaten season vs City 100 points…one team has spent billions the other almost nothing played attractive football and NEVER LOST A GAME! How does that just go unnoticed

  23. Jack Smith says:

    I'm a Liverpool fan I would say its between Arsenal Invincibles, and Man Utd when they had ronaldo and tevez and rooney etc , those 2 teams were scary and I hated LFC facing them at those times, would love to see the 88 LFC team(pre prem) thrash it out in some imagination land league with these other 2 hahaha as they are the 3 finest sides i have witnessed in english league football prem or not

  24. United 98/99
    Arsenal's Invincibles
    Chelsea 04/05
    United 07/08
    City 17/18

  25. another fucking prick of a journo — no idea what he's on about, fuck me

  26. The best team was when city won the league off united, fucking brilliant that year. Still gives me goose bumps to this day, thank you bobby manc

  27. Not a fan of chris Sutton

  28. SG-LEGEND says:

    how is this a debate. dissapointed in the bbc lol. united by miles. winning the premier league, the fa cup and even the european cup all in one season and this is a debate? no other team could do that.

  29. le roi says:

    Wasn't there a United 11 that when started together went about 60 games unbeaten or am I imaging this..early/mid 90's

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