Man Up: Part 1 – What does masculinity mean to modern men? | BBC Sport

Updated: 24/05/2022

Would you let your girlfriend pay the bill? Is showing emotion a sign of weakness?

BBC Sport gathers together five young men for a series of honest conversations about what it's like to be a man in 2019, and the impact that can have on their mental health.

Journalist Ben Zand, sprinter James Ellington, footballers David Cox and Olu Maintain and reality TV star Josh Denzel talk about their own experiences and struggles in three films made for Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK.

Episode one sees them discuss what ‘masculinity’ actually means in 2019.

If you have been affected by issues raised in this film, help and support is available here:


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Man Up: Part 1 – What does masculinity mean to modern men? | BBC Sport


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16 thoughts on “Man Up: Part 1 – What does masculinity mean to modern men? | BBC Sport”

  1. Les Reed says:

    Any particular reason to feature predominantly "brown" faces – given the UK population has less than 10% "brown" people?

  2. Such a valuable peice, well done lads

  3. please do more talk show like this. thanks

  4. Marc Field says:

    Such an important subject and hats off to these guys for standing up and talking about this. No guarantees in life for many of us and this can way heavy on a young person

  5. Having gone through anorexia in 2014/15 and suffering with depression ever since, I'd just like to say thank you, BBC, for highlighting such an important issue in society that continues to be stigmatised even though 1 in 4 of us throughout our lifetime will suffer from a mental illness

  6. T says:

    I wish this got more attention

  7. Very important video, saying out loud what a lot of men think but very few of us can put words on it. Thank you, I hope this goes even deeper !

  8. BBC Sport says:

    What does masculinity mean to you?

  9. Matt Gray says:

    Really important video. Great work BBC.

  10. It's only 55 pound for a bottle but I don't wanna buy, I'm looking for a girl but I can't find one

  11. Fuck off with this anti-male propaganda, BBC.

    Men are men, stop pathologising us.

  12. Sam Barker says:

    Host looks like Ruben Neves

  13. James says:

    Class video. Great to see more attention given to this. Well done BBC

  14. Will the BBC heart my comment?

  15. Once you stop caring what strangers think you become so much happier.

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