Man City vs. Liverpool preview: Would LFC ‘clinch’ title with win? | Premier League

Updated: 24/05/2022

Dan Thomas, Steve Nicol, Shaka Hislop and Raphael Honigstein of ESPN FC preview the Manchester City vs. Liverpool match in the Premier League, and …


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25 thoughts on “Man City vs. Liverpool preview: Would LFC ‘clinch’ title with win? | Premier League”

  1. Sergio Agüero, the South American footballer with the most goals (153) in ALL the history of the Premier League. RECORD.

  2. Lfc are destined never to win the premier league.

  3. Hi Go Away says:

    Here after Man City won the match.

  4. Manchester City vs Liverpool

  5. Put all your money on a draw. Thank me later.

  6. Adam Liehs says:

    If Liverpool want to clinch the pl, they have to beat man city and spurs

  7. Liverpool Should do the Job

  8. No Deal. says:

    With city back to full strength, they are favourites for this game, but hope I'm wrong.

  9. all liverpool fans are getting over excited again good side but can they handle the pressure? the pressure the fans put on them to see them buckle once again 2014 ,2018, 2019…..THE BOGEY MANS COMING TO GET YOU SCOUSERS …..

  10. Goal difference will play no factor in this title run. It’s depth for the second half of the season and only Liverpool have that. (Chelsea fan here.)

  11. Liverpool HAS to win this game. It can be done!

  12. dave davis says:

    City all the way
    Liverpool fans will cry tomorrow
    CITY will win big

  13. Dan Cooper says:

    The key for Liverpool victory is
    Press the city keeper and backline as city only know how to play out from defence ,. Liverpool will score and the way to protect the lead when we tire is bypass the city midfield as in knocking the ball over the them ! 100% concentration and the Liverpool will win !!

  14. In pes19 my team full of good black balls is getting beat by Liverpool thats trash but i beat Manchester city 4-6

  15. Fabinho has also won a league title

  16. Still have half a season left you cunts, don’t jinx us because you have fuck all else to report on….. DO BETTER!!!

  17. Conor S says:

    What a stupid video title. I’m a Liverpool fan and nothing is won until May.

  18. ESPN FC, are you losing subscribers or just not gaining any? How the fuck can your channel be so unpopular; you should ask yourselves this question everyday. You should have about 1.5M+ subs by now…sort it out.

  19. This shit is gonna end in a draw

  20. I want Liverpool to win EPL. Arsenal fan here

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