Lisa Zimouche: The freestyler who quit PSG | Rebels | BBC Sport

Updated: 27/05/2023

Our first episode of Rebels features Lisa Zimouche who gave up a promising future at PSG to follow her dream of becoming a freestyle footballer. Fast forward a few years later and she’s now one of the most well known freestylers in the world.

Our rebels series will continue every Saturday for 5 weeks. Tell us what you think!


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Lisa Zimouche: The freestyler who quite PSG | Rebels | BBC Sport


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3 thoughts on “Lisa Zimouche: The freestyler who quit PSG | Rebels | BBC Sport”

  1. Wouldn't define her actions as rebellious given how women's football is paying, bit of social media fame is lucrative. Besides, PSG isn't even the biggest team in the French league.

  2. Don’t estimate her. She will roast everyone with her skills.

  3. 1st dislike. You're welcome.

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