Kate Markgraf gives Premier League predictions: Liverpool to win the title? [Extra Time] | ESPN FC

Updated: 02/12/2022

Former USWNT player Kate Markgraf joins ESPN FC and takes part in Extra Time, answer fan questions such as predictions for the 2018-19 English Premier …


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44 thoughts on “Kate Markgraf gives Premier League predictions: Liverpool to win the title? [Extra Time] | ESPN FC”

  1. Jose sacked liverpool 7 points clear of top the table… she is right already

  2. Doniedaff says:

    Well she was right about Jose.

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  4. So tired of this pro Liverpool media. Everyone is passing up on the fact that there is a good chance that Salah, Mane, Keita and even Matip will be out in January and February for the African Cup of Nations when all competitions except the Champions League and the Europa League are in full gear. Wake up people!

  5. Thought this was about epl predictions but it was more about crocodiles….. Dont watch it…..

  6. Gosh this was terrible coverage

  7. Gosh this was terrible coverage

  8. Kate is looking good here

  9. Revised video title: "Kate Markgraf says 5 words, then we talk about some twat touching a crocodile for about 10 minutes"

  10. kdb -17 says:

    This show should be banned.. this show is not abt football..

  11. I am not falling for this favourites thing anymore just look at the wc get bra Spain all out not reaching semis .

  12. Fuckkkkk as a lfc fan i feel the disappointement coming plz stop with the pool winning the pl

  13. jamakika says:

    Liverpool will never win

  14. this lady knows nothing all she has done in the video is talk shit

  15. i like how Shaka explains roti lol

  16. Maniaze XI says:

    Liverpool won’t win the premier league this season. You’re welcome to come back to this comment after the season is over.

  17. P Swagg says:

    Why is he talking about his crocodile experience smh such a waste of time

  18. The only reason Kate is here is because of her vagina. Wouldn't mind looking at it though. That said, she is still better than that turd Xhaka.

  19. 1. Liverpool
    2. Man City
    3. Man United
    4. Arsenal
    5. Tottenham
    6. Chelsea

  20. Kate is a dumbass who doesn't know football

  21. Wtf why are these guys talkin about crocodile instead of pridiction..ffs this is not animal show

  22. What are livershite winning this year? They say every year they gonna win something u won't win a damn thing and your manager klopp the flopp will still get a pass from the shitty bias media. Only thing them shitbags are winning is the "It's our year trophy"

  23. Why the fuck does espn not edit out the part where they are talking about fuckin crocodiles and put in the parts where they are doing their jobs?

  24. M P says:

    If city still in the champion league at business end of the season I think city might focus more on Europe and slip up in prem. And Liverpool to push.
    Also Jose only lasts 3years at any club he goes to. His bullying of the players is already making them not want to play for him or utd. So Jose to get sack this season and hopefully rid the premiership of park the bus tactics.
    Oh and the gunners to do better than most people think this year, spurs to struggle esp if Chelsea keep their main players.

    1 city / Liverpool
    2 Liverpool / city
    3 gunners
    4 Chelsea (if they keep their key players)
    5 spurs / utd
    6 utd / spurs

  25. Mike York says:

    The worst sports show ever

  26. Man city won't win the premier league this season for sure! It will be a different team.

  27. Elmaln says:

    I'm longing for the day that this show stops playing non-stop background music like every other show.

  28. HOWWYY E says:

    Scary,I remember Paul Mariner as a big young CF for Ipswich.

  29. JiTiAr35 says:

    Remember when everyone didn't pick Leicester and 16/17 Chelsea?
    Anything can happen.

  30. Thank God a woman is a regular pundit on the show now. Tired of over male perspective

  31. Talk about football ,,.fuck

  32. Trinidadian Food is a lot like Indian food I suppose

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