Is Petr Cech the greatest Premier League goalkeeper ever? | Pearce & Rosenior | The Debate

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41 Responses to “Is Petr Cech the greatest Premier League goalkeeper ever? | Pearce & Rosenior | The Debate”

  1. Schmeichel and De Gea by far the better keepers…
    Cech was brilliant in Rennes….his first season at Chelsea also good…
    But he had the numbers simply because he played behind best defence in europe by that time in most defensively based team in europe.
    Just ask Czech people how he played in national team through the same years he was getting trophy with chelsea after another. When he played in not that good and defensive team in national squad….he disappointed his nation on EVERY MAJOR tournament and it was his mistakes that led to elimination from the cups.

    He is no way good in Arsenal too….this is how he is when he has no defensive force infront of him. That is true him….no way one of greatest in the league history

  2. De Gea has to take that accolade. Schmichael was a legend but David is the only one who has consistently won United more points, and has the added disadvantage of playing behind far worse defences for at least the past six years…

  3. All time great keeper but he ain't the greatest of them all. Before I even name Schmeichel, there's Van Der Sar ahead of Cech. And to the Sky Sports debater, Cech hasn't won all things domestic at club level. He never won the FIFA Club World Cup in 2012. Truly outstanding he got to the final, but he didn't win it against Corinthians. Schmeichel won more honours than Cech, more League titles, Schmeichel's 24 major titles to Cech on 18, plus Schmeichel between the sticks for Utd's treble still hasn't been achieved by anyone in the Premier League. On top of that "Schmikes" has won a full European trophy at club and country, something Cech never did. "Schmikes" scored incredibly 10 goals in his career, Cech never scored any. And BBC Sport has voted "Schmikes" as the League's greatest ever keeper on 16th Jan, no wishy washy debate about it like Sky dragging a dead horse along the road, just "Bam" vote closed. Schmeichel winner. The End.

  4. football fans are so stupid, how can you disregard a legend thats been in the game for 20 years, simply because he has not been at those same levels for arsenal over the last few seasons.

  5. Most CS in Prem history and the best ever GK performance in Champions league history, not only is he the best in Prem history but he’s the best GK of all time

  6. Its funny how people here are arguing about who is better.. Čech, Van der Sar or Smeichel… or Seaman…. We can´t judge it we can just say that who is our favourite. I am fan of Arsenal and Chelsea so I think that Čech is goat in PL but I have friend who is fan of MU….. and he think the Schmeichel is goat in PL.
    It is easy to say that best goalkeeper is the goakeeper of our most favourite team. I would like to hear opinion from fans of different teams(not fans of Chelsea, MU or Arsenal).

  7. Cech has the most golden gloves most clean sheets in total and in a season and fewest goals conceded in a season and he won a golden glove having that arsenal defense in front of him deserves way more credit tbf no one tops him

  8. Seems like these guys failed to remember Edwin Van Der Sar and Peter Schmeichel. Cech is the best Goalkeeper to play in London but overall easily the third best.

  9. From a Liverpool fan I personally think it’s Peter Smichel or Van Der Sar . Also if De Gea stays at united he could become the greatest of all time in the prem .

  10. You don't need stats and debates to answer who is the best goalkeeper of PL. Just ask yourself a simple question, which goalkeeper you'll love to have in your team and that's it. For me De gea and Schmeichel will be ahead on my list before Cech.

  11. I get he's retiring and we all wanna give him his roses but lets just be real for a second, Smheichel and Van Der Sar were both better than him… His time at Arsenal may have tainted his legacy in all fairness.

  12. Why do these pundits only count last 10 years to pick the greatest players? Dont get me wrong he is a great keeper but not worldclass for me

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