How Hackney Wick F.C. changed a community | BBC Sport

Updated: 23/03/2023

Football is just a game right? This team might convince you otherwise.

BBC Sport visited Hackney Wick F.C. and owner Bobby Kasanga to see how this football club is changing their community and showing local kids theres another way of life than gangs and knives.


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How Hackney Wick F.C. changed a community | BBC Sport


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10 thoughts on “How Hackney Wick F.C. changed a community | BBC Sport”

  1. Shut up you bunch of cunts sound like retards yeah blud I was in prison blud and i was studying while i was in prison fam you get me blud bunch of dickheads

  2. Doug I says:

    So these youths have no personal responsibility without this team? Where are their families?

  3. people say they dont change well this is another story he has changed and doing well good luck.

  4. Joe South says:

    biggest brain washers .

  5. m4h3r says:

    Hackney Wicks have announced club record fee for signing duo V9 & Unkown T of 3 rambos from Homerton

  6. Kipp Me says:

    Great video,really good inside to non league football

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