How does Deadline Day work? | Sky Sports News Explains

Updated: 26/11/2023

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18 thoughts on “How does Deadline Day work? | Sky Sports News Explains”

  1. I though the transfer center closed after the start of the season

  2. 0:05. Look at the premier league logos! Care to explain?

  3. City on the badge list twice, pub quiz, which log is missing @0:06 (dont cheat by looking at reply first)

  4. Không hiểu gì nhưng có vẻ thuyết phục :3

  5. Deadline day is when all the old players pass away

  6. Just hope KLOPP pulls something out the hat like he usually does.And if he does I'm hoping it's someone like FERNANDES

  7. liverpool and norwich aren't going to be fielding a player they just signed on the same day anyway. there's no extra pressure

  8. Does this mean that city have double the chance of winning the league if there are two of them

  9. Thank you for making this a whole video and not releasing 4 different clips

  10. LUFK 876 says:

    Klopp please make a final day signing

  11. Great video sky sports to explain deadline day well done!

  12. gian carlo says:

    Yup today is a massive day for us Manchester United fans. Don't mess it up ED

  13. For Ed Woodward deadline day is just another normal day. Other clubs will be running around trying to get deals while good old Ed will probably be watching Netflix.

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