How Arsenal 'nailed it' & what happened with Dybala? – David Ornstein on Deadline Day | BBC Sport

Updated: 23/05/2022

BBC Sport's David Ornstein joins Karl Braidwood to dissect transfer deadline day, they analyse Arsenal's successful signings, discuss why Tottenham's move for Paulo Dybala didn't come off and why Wilfried Zaha's could not get out of Crystal Palace.


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30 thoughts on “How Arsenal 'nailed it' & what happened with Dybala? – David Ornstein on Deadline Day | BBC Sport”

  1. Controversial opinion, but David ornstein does NOT know everything.

  2. I love your analysis, the topping of the cherry would have been if you add video clips accompaning your insight

  3. If the likes of Bebe, Peter Crouch, Richard Dunne, Andy Carroll, Phil Jones etc, and the rest of the average junk players outside the Top 6 clubs can play in the 'almighty' Premier League then Tierney will have no problem. Some English fans sure love piping up their league as if every player playing in the EPL is some sort of superstar. All the best players in the league aren't even English, they're all foreign, there hasn't even been an English manager who has even won the league, a certain Scottish manager won it 13 times, Sir Alex Ferguson, you might have heard of him, he won more trophies than any other manager in the history of football. Stop thinking because Tierney is Scottish the league will be difficult for him, I've never heard so much rubbish. Scotland ran English football for years, Liverpool wouldn't be the club they are without Bill Shankly
    and Kenny Dalglish
    both Scottish, Man United would be nothing without Sir Alex & Denis Law both Scottish & Arsenal wouldn't have been much without George Graham
    , who was also Scottish. Be humble in future, because most English fans are arrogant prats!

  4. Great video with Ornstein but BBC can you make the videos longer please?! We all want to hear more from the Orny!

  5. Arsenal clearly, by some considerable margin had the best transfer window, added to that is that FACT that NO ONE expected it! COYG!!

  6. I guess this is only winners and losers of the top 6 of course the only teams that matter..

  7. Liam Goff says:

    Iz da Histori of da Totnum

  8. Liam Goff says:

    "Tottenham were confident" hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. Sharif M says:

    Announce Ornstein new contract !!

  10. Wtf
    People are horny for orny

  11. no one says:

    Good job at only talking about the big teams again.

  12. Top six prediction
    1. City
    2. Liverpool
    3. Arsenal
    4. Spurs
    5. Chelsea
    6. United

  13. Abhay Shah says:

    1. Arsenal
    2. Wolves
    3. Everton

  14. J Fresh says:

    The prem is the best league in the world. FACT!! Come on Arsenal!!

  15. THE ORNACLE ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Emery has a make or break season ahead of him with this line-up:
    . Laca
    Auba Pepe

    . Ozil

    _Ceballos Torriera

    Tierney Luiz Sokratis Bellerin

    . Leno

  17. R1ff 07 says:

    If arsenal don’t get top 4 Emery can eat my poo

  18. Ben Mackay says:

    I think Liverpool have been left in the dust this window. They've made no first team signings and have only made about 28 mil in profit. Everyone else around them (except maybe Chelsea) have brought in strong first team players. It'll be a very interesting season

  19. Onenation says:

    Winners of Transfer window:
    1. Arsenal
    2. Tottenham
    3. Everton
    4. Aston Villa
    5. Norwich
    6.Chelsea (but due to the transfer embargo expectations won't necessarily expect a top 4 position in the Premiership)
    7. Man Utd

  20. Top 6 prediction:
    1st: Liverpool
    2nd: Man city (title race)
    3rd: Tottenham
    4th: aresnal (fighting with chelsea)
    5th chelsea
    6th wolves/man utd

  21. DMJ says:

    ornstein looks like squidward

  22. My top 6 prediction

    Man City
    Man United

  23. Glad for the deals we made ..

  24. so poch listening to my ideas again it seems, Sessesgnon was second in my transfer plan to Grimaldo, and useless fans somehow thought a RB was more needed than a LB, which is really strange, it should be expected Davies or Rose to leave now, only signings needed would be Sarr to steal, and a fluid 443 is possible

    my line up for most PL games:

    Lucas Kane Sarr


    Winks Ndomb

    RS Verton Alder Aurier

    obviously a new GK would next be ideal, but this side is extremely pacey, has the ability to stretch almost any side and provide insane goals for Kane, who the team should be built around – Son, Lamela for the bench are good options

    also, a specific set for Poch to experiment might entail:

    Lucas Kane

    RS Aurier

    Winks Ndom

    JV Alder Sanches

    two excellent line ups, Poch has a dilemma next season for sure, Poch can consider Lo Celso > Lamela but he's not really a better player from my understanding, and only offers more in defensive stability

    this certainly is better than Liverpool's set up, and offers more from the bench, Son doesn't even need to be part of the team

    on a side note, Lo Celso is not a good signing for Spurs, a wide player would have been much more useful psychologically and technically for Poch to advance his fluid progressive means for football in what now should be a 3 at the back > a 433 most likely

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