Highlights | Manchester United 4-1 Bournemouth | Premier League

Updated: 08/06/2023

Subscribe to Manchester United on YouTube at http://bit.ly/ManU_YT Enjoy all the highlights as United sign off 2018 in style as Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford …


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41 thoughts on “Highlights | Manchester United 4-1 Bournemouth | Premier League”

  1. WOW Pogba missed his hat-trick

  2. respect to Ryan Fraser. Best man on the Bournemouth team.


  4. Were improving sience mourinho left

  5. Isn't Man UTD's present manager the BEST!!!! We literally won all the matches we played with him!!! You guys don't know how amazed I am. He is better than Jose Murinho!!! (correct me if spelt wrong)

  6. OzzyOscy says:

    Woah wait, we can watch highlights on here rather than hope it's on MOTD? When did this happen?

  7. А тварь которая говорила что игроки мю получают большие деньги и не будут слушать сульшера не хочешь извенится ты же баба что ты соображает в футболе офца

  8. Max Ukas says:

    WHERE IS THAT PORTUGUESE APOLOGETIC??????? Where is his bus??
    Its absolutely DIFFERENT team but squad is the same. What a pleasure to see this, Ole, and how SAD that there is so much time was WASTED last 2 seasons…..Lets see
    GLORY MAN UTD (from Ukraine)

  9. I swear Rashford is KILLING it rn. On fire.

  10. Pogba should be sold away. United fans around the world will decrease because of his disgusting attitude n personality. He may be scoring goals but he is no different to Mario balletoli.

  11. Hamza Po says:

    A gritty win but the subs doing bits
    Anyone else here after Newcastle match?

  12. Furuos TV says:

    Love Manchester from VietNam

  13. yt fan says:

    I bet from at least 5 wanting to leave coz mourinho only 1 might leave thx to Ole Gunnar Solskjaeer, i might have misspelled dat one

  14. yt fan says:

    dave with dat fresh trim and that, btw why the hell is it 4 won games and 0 clean sheets (still)

  15. pogba jogar demais melhor jogador do Manchester

  16. Nik b says:

    Like this if it wasn't a red.

  17. DevilGames says:

    Woke up this morning feeling fine!


  18. mr kk says:

    Man U ❤️❤️❤️

  19. Please be updating this videos exactly after the matches.

  20. Brawllers says:

    Who is waiting for the United v Newcastle game??

  21. Henna Ali says:

    Go Manchester United/ Rashy you can it

  22. simplyoreo says:

    I loved watching this game, couldn’t stop watching it because it was soo interesting!

  23. Pogba thinks that from now on, he will take the road to legend, not just the best midfielder in the league. I'm sure it will !
    And If only he and De gea could stay at United for a long time, I wouldn't want much more.

  24. Paul Pogba is the best midfielder in the world.

  25. Ian Deeley says:

    Here's hoping for more in 2019!

  26. Love from Dhaka, Bangladesh

  27. Podz30 says:

    Football played the United way!! This is why we Love Manchester United..

  28. Win win win…winning sprint

  29. Lukaku should start against Newcastle

  30. Meu parceiro, que jogada do Rashford!!!

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