Highlights | Manchester United 3-1 Huddersfield Town | Premier League

Updated: 12/08/2022

Subscribe to Manchester United on YouTube at http://bit.ly/ManU_YT Enjoy all the highlights as goals from Nemanja Matic and Paul Pogba give the Reds victory …


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20 thoughts on “Highlights | Manchester United 3-1 Huddersfield Town | Premier League”

  1. TN 13 says:

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  2. Pobga scored he's amazing Huddersfield town is trash

  3. i Unais says:

    De gea is really the best goalkeeper right now


  5. Comparing Ole now in his career with Jose blc he won games is crazy. Jose is the best manager on earth at the moment. If this is going to be the worst period of his career. He still out performing several top managers without any trophies for several decades. Infact he is the first person who brought UCL in Portugal not even sir Alex did tht in England or cld match that standard. Ha ha ha or Pep in Spain. He may not be perfect but the man is a winner when it count most.Don't forget he made the utd fans to remember what it means to win a major European Cup after several yrs of being in sir Alex shadow without any major trophy.

  6. Massive save from de gea

  7. Warren G says:

    The Champions League still for grabs

  8. T SB says:

    Huddersfield will stay up. Get your bets on it now. Insider info.

  9. jone,asley,luke, martial ,lukaku out …

  10. Mat Leong says:

    We're meant to play attacking football. This is the Utd I know.

  11. Imma Ringo says:

    pogba z professional midfielder

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