Highlights | Cardiff 1-5 Manchester United | Premier League

Updated: 22/09/2023

Subscribe to Manchester United on YouTube at http://bit.ly/ManU_YT Enjoy all the highlights from Cardiff as the Reds hit five goals in the Premier League in Ole …


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35 thoughts on “Highlights | Cardiff 1-5 Manchester United | Premier League”

  1. Everyone, if you want to watch the highlights earlier than when they release it on YouTube, download the official Manchester United app , there you can get live updates on games , conferences etc

  2. Classic Manchester United

  3. 1:25 – ↖ R1 + L1 + X + ◼ ….Winning 11

  4. Need to EDIT JESSE's Celebration in man, jheeze!!!!

  5. BRAVEHEART says:

    Jesse is a much better finisher than Rashford, but Rashford is a much better ball player than Lingard. We should play the two of them together and see what happens.

  6. Ole ole soljackers ole ole Manchester united

  7. best football after champions league

  8. Dybala JR says:

    Mourinho was probably watching the game drinking a beer and saying wow I was a terrible manager

  9. Go on rashford and lingard

  10. Elango Ela says:

    Old Manchester United is back

  11. “And Solskjaer has won it”, it gets me everytime

  12. This looked like NHS versus BUPA?

  13. They might aswell put a new rule in. arm ball not hand ball

  14. Don't compare one match bro, the journey is still long.
    3 times won the title of the best coach of the world 2004,2005 & 2010 that Mourinho.
    2.5 years at porto FC 6 trophy mou got & trible winner title.
    In Chelsea, the first season of the primier championship after waiting 50 years, they have never won a premier title, a total of 3 premier champions ,Carling & FA.
    2 years in Inter Milan Mourinho won a trible winner.
    He got the Real Madrid Copa Del Rey, making the first coach capable of winning domestic trophies in 4 different countries (Portugal, England, Italy, Spain) & the 3rd coach who won league championships in 4 different countries.
    back at Chelsea,2 premier titles he got.
    1 year in Manchester United Mou won 3 titles, Community Shield, English League Cup, Europe League.
    It's too early to judge who is better.

  15. FUNKE OJO says:

    Hey united when i get older i want to join the team is there a way I can just come and just sign and tryout

  16. Thanks Jose for all your contributions to the club..
    Looking forward to play against your new team..

  17. Adam Tutla says:

    We’ve got ole, ole gonner, I just don’t think you understand, he’s fergies man, he’s better than Zidane, we’ve got ole gonner

  18. CF : New Reborn 2 BlackMan. Martial – Rashford. / Yorke – Cole, 90era

  19. Anonymous says:

    Mourinho : 80 minute 0-0 Martial out Fellaini in, rashford out Fred in, lingard out rojo in.

  20. 123slither says:

    Brilliant. Great to have the real Manchester United back with Ole in charge

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