FPL TEAM SELECTION: GW23 | Harry Kane INJURED! Gameweek 23 | Fantasy Premier League 2018/19

Updated: 25/11/2022

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40 thoughts on “FPL TEAM SELECTION: GW23 | Harry Kane INJURED! Gameweek 23 | Fantasy Premier League 2018/19”

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  2. Hey it would be great if you could help me out with a little problem I face. So here's my team

    Luiz Digne Doherty
    Sané Salah Hazard Pogba
    Rashford Aubameyang

    Subs: Lossl, Bennett, Wan Bissaka, Hudson Odoi

    What I'd like to know is, is it ok to just keep Aubameyang or Hazard or should I just replace either of them with a better defence? I have a team value of 106.9 and I'm a little worried if I'm buying big guns who aren't delivering just because I have the funds.

  3. Hey man, I really enjoy watching your videos!! What software do you use to make them?

  4. Ace Dragon says:

    no, firmino didn't just pick up form, he always had good form this season, you just don't watch matches it seems. He's not a player that you should keep for points. He has a different role, he is a false 9, he has to drop deep and the only way for him to score is by himself, no one'll feed him, it's a risk really

  5. My current team is Allison van dijk pereira digne alonso townsend felipe anderson son hazard kane rashford. subs stekelenbug doherty wilson masuaku.

    Should i take a – 8 and swap kane son and someone else out or should i use my 2nd wildcard?

  6. When Is the double gameweek can someone tell me?

  7. I replaced Kane with Aguero, and im very worried if he's going to start because Jesus had a brilliant game last week. OMG!!!!

  8. Jiminez + Rashford or Jiminez + Firminho up front?
    Considering I get Pogba into midfield, I can only afford 1 forward

  9. If I have 2 subs available, & I play wildcard in current GW; will the 2 subs still be available in the next GW?

  10. Thoughts pleasee
    Richarlison to Bernardo?

  11. Got both TAA and Kane in my squad and got no Salah. It's time to use a Wildcard ?

  12. Hery Zan says:

    Salah for triple captain?is it good plan?

  13. i have my own free fpl team selection every week … please to take a look at my account (indonesian language)

  14. DavidUW7 says:

    Do I go with firmino and Bernardo Silva/ richarlison or auba and lookman

  15. Should I go for Salah or Firmino?

  16. If u had one transfer who would u replace Kane with? Aguero or Firmino?

  17. Aubameyang, Lingard and Alonso out for Rashford, Sané and Robertson?

  18. Just use rashford and pogba, Manchester united will just destroy all teams

  19. should i sign richarlison or felipe anderson which of these two will be better

  20. ive used wildcard, is this good team?

    Allison / Speroni
    Alonso / Van Dijk / Robertson / Wan Bissaka / Digne
    Pogba / Sigurdson / Richarlison / Pedro / Anderson
    Aguero / Rashford / Wilsoon

    Plz give suggestions currently at 1.9 mil and wanna get top mil or better at end of season

  21. 2 free transfers
    Gk – Foster
    Def – Doherty Dinge Kiko Femina
    Mid – Pogba Salah B.Silva Hazard Snodgrass
    Fwd – Kane Rashford

    Bench – Speroni AWB Kolasinc Kamara

  22. Cq226 says:

    Should I bring in sane or pogba? I already have rashford and martial.

  23. Llorente? He might just get a run of games?

  24. fast AiR says:

    I havent watched u much, but I think ur probably the best fpl advisor tbh on youtube anyway, plus your voice is like perfect so you have that going for you. And eys you are also going Firmino 😀
    Is Jesus a mental pick?

  25. Already have Pogba and Rashfors and 0.1 ITB who do I replace Kane with

  26. Dump Everton, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea players stat, mates.

  27. Good Day says:

    Brought the exact same 2 players in hahaha.

  28. Should i captain Salah or Sterling for this GW? Both are pretty bound to return points in my opinion

  29. My team as it stands
    Alonso van Dijk Doherty
    Kante Pogba Salah Richarlison
    Rashford Agüero

  30. Using Wilcard, please give feedback?
    GK: Alisson (Speroni)
    DF: Robertson, Digne, Doherty (AWB and Bednarek)
    MD: Salah, Sane, Poga, Deulofeu (Redmond)
    FW: Aguero, Rashford, Jimenez

  31. Nils Pils says:


    Alisson, Speroni

    Doherty, Digne, Robertson, Luke Shaw, (AWB)

    Sane, Sterling, Pogba, Salah, (Hudson-odi)

    Rashford, Jimenez, (Ings)

    Bank: 0.5m

    Ideas to improve?


  32. Ah Bao says:

    5/15 similar to ur squad/team

  33. why not sergio for kane?

  34. Is luke shaw is a good replace for A. Arnold

  35. I want to play wildcard help me

  36. I went Auba to Rashord, Son to Pogba and Ings to Irmino.

  37. I got 83 points this week so it was quite good

  38. Jesus or Aguero to replace Kane??

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