Formula 1: How fit does a driver need to be? – BBC Sport

Updated: 27/06/2022

Williams F1 development driver Alex Lynn demonstrates to Tom Clarkson what it takes to stay fit and strong in order to be a successful driver, and explains that it was Michael Schumacher who really began the fitness revolution in Formula 1.

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8 thoughts on “Formula 1: How fit does a driver need to be? – BBC Sport”

  1. Nascar is very intense and they don't always train like this

  2. Ranico says:

    You can tell he is really fit because while he is working out, lifting running etc.. he was talking clearly. If that was me, Id be panting like a dog and wont even make out any word while on the threadmill. Hahaha

  3. I find this extremely helpful

  4. jos7ify says:

    Why they have to be light?

  5. Esteban Ocon has fucking tiny armd and legs and not much muscle either. I think he can't do any of that.

  6. aryton is the first in driver fitness

  7. Love this!! Also, the balance of having an exceptionally strong body in whole yet no part is too "big" or "heavy" is just unbelievable and so lovely!

    Getting a "happy rush" out of hearing that MS was the gamechanger of fitness in F1 as he's always been and still is my F1 hero!

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