Euro 2016: England lose to Iceland reaction – BBC Sport

Updated: 27/06/2022

Match of the Day pundits Alan Shearer, Rio Ferdinand and Jermaine Jenas do not hold back in their criticism of Roy Hodgson's England as they lose 2-1 to Iceland at Euro 2016.

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29 thoughts on “Euro 2016: England lose to Iceland reaction – BBC Sport”

  1. The difference 3 years makes

  2. Looking back on it, its actually mad how much better the current England side is than the one of two years ago. This team was utterly shambolic, a disgrace to the nation, and barely two years on and with many of the same players, Southgate has transformed us into one of the best European sides. I think that the world cup performance is only a sign of great things to come for this England team

  3. so odd looking back on this now. how were we so shit back then?

  4. Those days are behind us now. The lads are doing us proud. Let’s get behind them for Euros!

  5. M says:

    iT's CoMing HoME lol remember hahahahahahha fucking cunts that's what you get for being so cocky. They will never win a trophy

  6. And now sterling is arguably the best player in the prem

  7. Arnautovic says:

    How the times have change thank fuck for the youth

  8. Now look at us we’re going to win the whole thing next year!

  9. Super Hans says:

    What a difference a change of management has made

  10. What did any off them win for England.

  11. Sam Owen says:

    How times have changed

  12. Raheem sterling hasn't performed… hA.

  13. Yes, all the English men this popped up in our recommended for a reason. Look at us now, England's time is near, we are about to own international football.

  14. n04h says:

    damn 2 years fly past

  15. From slating sterling to him being our best player. How to shut up the haters

  16. 2016 compared to 2018, WOW

  17. Kyle Short says:

    Well the lads have smashed the wall with a sledgehammer with this analysis

  18. Southgate your the one you still turn me on footballs coming home again

  19. Im from Sweden (1958 and 1994! :)…But every freaking time its a World Cup…..England thinks they are going to win ..easy!!(??) Dudes ´66 was the last time you won The World Cup!! 50 years later and you .. ALWAYS .. think you have the best team ever too run onto the field! And Iceland won over the "BEST" football team!? Meh!? Play as a team, not the freaking size of your wallet!!

  20. Huggy Bear says:

    Yeah they could have stopped the video just before talentless Jenas opened his mouth

  21. mr things says:

    To be honest I was never happier as an Irish man to see England loose to Iceland

  22. Yeah now there a bit better.

  23. Why should anyone listen to Ferdinand as a member of the failed "golden generation"? Lineker and Shearer are much more authoritative.

  24. This is still such a sweet moment for us Icelanders. We will remember this for a century – at least!

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