Double S sick freestyle for Arsenal F.C. | BBC Sport

Updated: 30/11/2022

UK grime artist and Arsenal fan Double S reps his club in a 90-second freestyle and show us how it's done.

This is from our new series '90-second Freestyle'.


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Double S sick freestyle for Arsenal F.C. | BBC Sport


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22 thoughts on “Double S sick freestyle for Arsenal F.C. | BBC Sport”

  1. Sounds like Mercston say kinda voice but flows much better

  2. Is this the Double S who’s got a song with Skepta??

  3. Vu says:

    I’m surprised it isn’t a diss track

  4. Nikes8802 says:


    thanks in advance

  5. How is this an arsenal freestyle

  6. Santan Dave for Man U is gonna mug us right off kmt

  7. Shoulda got Yxng Bane still

  8. grime ears says:

    dirty doggz did up a champions league freestyle that was fiiire – hope they got one from him coming

  9. Should have been blitz or joe black. Double s using this for personal exposure. Hardly name dropping

  10. Arsenal have had two of these and they are both shit.big zuu Liverpool one 1000 times better.

  11. 7ani says:

    Does he know he's talking about Arsenal 2019 not 1998

  12. ryan ryan says:

    Wat did he say about Liverpool???

  13. Great video! Very excited to see what you do next.

  14. Get unknown T to do Liverpool one

  15. Big zuu was still better

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